“We Are Truly Blessed”: Michelle Yeoh, 61, Shares a Heartwarming Photo With Newborn

6 months ago

Actress Michelle Yeoh has shared a touching tribute along with a photo of a newborn, sending the internet into a frenzy. She married her 77-year-old long-time partner, Jean Todt, in 2023.

“A little miracle on the first day of 2024...we are so truly blessed... can’t tell u how happy I am for this very very special bundle of joy...”, Michelle captioned, sharing a photo of her hand touching a newborn’s feet.

Michelle Yeoh and Jean Todt fell in love in Shanghai on June 4, 2004, at a Ferrari event where Michelle was a guest. Their love story moved quickly, and just two months later, on July 26 of the same year, the French motor racing executive proposed to Michelle, and she happily said yes. After being together for decades, the couple officially married in July 2023.

The caption’s wording along with the photo has people confused. While supermodel Naomi Campbell congratulated the couple on their “beautiful bundle of joy”, many fans believe the baby is actually her grandbaby. “Girlie explain, we’re confused,” pleaded a fan.


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