We Bet Hot Chocolate Tastes Twice as Sweet From These Mugs With Tiny Animals Hidden in the Nooks

3 years ago

Ceramic artist Brooke Knippa of AP Curiosities in Maine (in the US) doesn’t make plain tea and coffee mugs — she creates pure magic instead. She makes little nooks in her mugs that house tiny animal figures. From charming owlets and curled up foxes taking a peaceful nap to whales and even a Yeti, each mug created by Brooke is a masterpiece that has a whole world hidden inside.

When we saw these brilliant mugs by Brooke Knippa here at Bright Side, we instantly fell in love with them, and now we dream of drinking our morning coffee and evening tea together with the tiny, cute, ceramic animals in our hands. We can’t wait to show you Brooke’s work and bet they’ll charm you at first sight.

A curled up fox

A beaver

An owlet

An owl family

A whale

A goldfish in a bubble

A badger family

3 hedgehogs under mushrooms

A mountain goat

Another mountain goat

2 javelinas — a mom and a baby

A jaguar

A Yeti in the woods

Pink flamingos

Apart from charming mugs, the artist also creates jars, vases, and other pieces of pottery that boast tiny animal sculptures. Here are just some of them:

A barn owl

A fox mom protecting her babies

A duck jar with the ducks’ legs sticking out on the other side of the lid

A hen and her chicks

A cat

A fox taking a nap on a lawn

You can find more fascinating mugs, vases, and other pieces of art if you visit Brooke Knippa’s website, Instagram, or Facebook page.

Which of these mugs did you like the most? Do you have a favorite mug at home? What does it look like? Show us the pictures in the comments!


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Going to share this with my girlfriend, she loves coco and cute mugs so it's a double win!


My dishwasher recently broke so now I have to clean everything by hand... just looking at these makes me worried on how I'm gonna get them clean :D


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