We First Watched “Beverly Hills, 90210” 30 Years Ago, and Here’s How the Cast Has Changed With Time

4 years ago

The first episodes of Beverly Hills, 90210 aired in 1990, and the teen series instantly captivated an army of viewers. The story of Brandon and Brenda Walsh and their friends made us turn on our TVs every single day, waiting for new plot twists and dramatic dialogue. Time flies, but those of us who loved the series back in the ‘90s still feel nostalgic about those touching talks that took place at the Peach Pit.

Here at Bright Side, we’ve made 11 picture comparisons that show how the actors from our favorite teen-drama have changed over time. And don’t miss the bonus section at the end of the article where we’ll show you a few warm photos of cast reunions!

Jason Priestley (Brandon Walsh)

Shannen Doherty (Brenda Walsh)

Carol Potter (Cindy Walsh)

James Eckhouse (Jim Walsh)

Jennie Garth (Kelly Taylor)

Ian Ziering (Steve Sanders)

Gabrielle Carteris (Andrea Zuckerman)

Brian Austin Green (David Silver)

Tori Spelling (Donna Martin)

Tiffani Thiessen (Valerie Malone)

Joe E. Tata (Nat Bussichio)


Tori Spelling, Jason Priestley, and Jennie Garth, 2016

Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth, 2019

Brian Austin Green, Shannen Doherty, and Ian Ziering, 2019

Tori Spelling, Gabrielle Carteris, and Jennie Garth, 2019

Ian Ziering and Tori Spelling, 2020

Jason Priestley and Tiffani Thiessen, 2016

Cast reunion, 2019

Did you watch Beverly Hills, 90210 back in the ‘90s? What teen dramas did you like to watch when you were a teenager? Let’s discuss it in the comments!


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Loved 90210 the original and the reboot the only problem with your article is you left out Luke Perry he was the biggest heartthrob on the show.there are many beautiful pictures of Luke Perry from the show and up until he died.90210 might not have made it all as long without him.


Was such a cool show, I kinda feel sad they don't make such good quality shows anymore


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