We Imagined Who Would’ve Played the Marvel Roles If the Movies Were Made in the ’90s

year ago

The ’90s was a time when amazing actors adorned movie screens, who still can charm us whenever we see them. As Marvel is taking the main stage today, we envisioned who might have been chosen for the roles if the movies were made back in the day. And we at Bright Side decided to share our ideas with you.

1. Doctor Strange played by Keanu Reeves

2. Captain America played by Brad Bitt

3. Black Widow played by Milla Jovovich

4. Spider-Man played by Leonardo Dicaprio

5. Star-Lord played by Brendan Fraser

6. Falcon played by Eddie Murphy

7. Wanda played by Alicia Silverstone

8. Shang-Chi played by Jackie Chan

9. Wasp played by Sandra Bullock

10. Thor played by Dolph Lundgren

11. Iron Man played by Tom Cruise

12. Drax played by Arnold Schwarzenegger

13. Loki played by Gary Oldman

14. Gamora played by Halle Berry

15. Ant-Man played by Ben Stiller

Are there other actors from the ’90s that you would have liked to see in Marvel movies? Do you think these actors would be great for the roles we suggested?


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Okaaay...you chose actors with similar coloring and features. RDJ could still have been Iron Man.


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