What 15 of Our Childhood Crushes Look Like Today

2 years ago

One of our most cherished childhood memories was coming back from school to sit in front of the TV and watch our favorite shows. Those actors and actresses quickly became our crushes, and you probably had their posters on your wall, making your little heart skip a beat.

We at Bright Side want to know what our childhood crushes look like today. We can’t determine whether they changed or not, but what’s sure is that this list brought us a lot of good memories.

1. Kirsten Dunst

2. Hilary Duff

3. Chad Michael Murray

4. Josh Hartnett

5. Megan Fox

6. Selena Gomez

7. Jared Padalecki

8. Vanessa Hudgens

9. Emma Watson

10. Chace Crawford

11. Sarah Michelle Gellar

12. Zac Efron

13. Frankie Muniz

14. Hayden Panettiere

15. Corbin Bleu

In your opinion, which celebrity on this list has changed the most?


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