What 16 Actors From Superhero Movies of Our Childhood Look Like Today

4 years ago

Nowadays, when a new Avengers, Venom, or Doctor Strange movie is released, it is hard to even get tickets before they sell out because of the popularity of Marvel superheroes. But when we were children, we had different characters to admire. Walker and Xena were our idols and we wished we had their superpowers.

Bright Side remembered those who destroyed and saved the world before it became mainstream.

1. Chuck Norris — Cordell Walker (Walker, Texas Ranger, 1993)

2. Clarence Gilyard — James Trivette (Walker, Texas Ranger, 1993)

3. Lucy Lawless — Xena (Xena: Warrior Princess, 1995)

4. Renée O’Connor — Gabrielle (Xena: Warrior Princess, 1995)

5. Duncan Regehr — Zorro (Zorro, 1990)

6. Jean-Claude Van Damme — Luc Deveraux (Universal Soldier, 1992)

7. Dolph Lundgren — Andrew Scott (Universal Soldier, 1992)

8. Kevin Sorbo — Hercules (Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, 1995)

9. Peter Weller — Alex Murphy/ RoboCop (RoboCop, 1987)

10. Adrian Paul — Duncan MacLeod (Highlander, 1992)

11. Arnold Schwarzenegger — Terminator (The Terminator, 1984)

12. Linda Hamilton — Sarah Connor (The Terminator, 1984)

13. Joan Severance — Darcy Walker, (Black Scorpion, 1995)

14. Sylvester Stallone — John Rambo (Rambo, 1982)

15. Jim Carrey — Stanley Ipkiss (The Mask, 1994)

16. Jackie Chan — Jackie (Armour of God, 1986)

Bonus: Walker meets Hercules and his son

Is your favorite childhood character on this list or did we forget someone?

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Jackie Chan is a superhero himself. Just the fact that he tries not to use stunt doubles and do all the hard tricks himself, makes him totally cool!


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