What 18 Living Hollywood Legends Look Like Now

4 years ago

In 2019, the star of Murder, She Wrote, Angela Lansbury, celebrated her 75-year career and turned 94, making the internet go “Wow.” At her age, Angela still performs on stages and plays parts in movies, now and then appearing at red carpet events. Angela Lansbury’s incredibly long career inspired us to remember other living legends of old Hollywood and find out how their looks have changed over time.

Here at Bright Side we want to remind you what these 18 actors and actresses looked like at the start of their careers and show you what they look like today.

Angela Lansbury: 2019 vs 1950

Dick Van Dyke: 2018 vs 1958

Betty White: 2015 vs 1960

Olivia de Havilland: 2011 vs 1938

Norman Lloyd: 2017 vs 1942

Eva Marie Saint: 2018 vs 1955

Rosemary Harris: 2019 vs 1967

Kirk Douglas: 2018 vs 1940

Estelle Parsons: 2019 vs 1970

Gena Rowlands: 2016 vs 1965

Sean Connery: 2018 vs 1960

Barbara Eden: 2018 vs 1980

Michael Caine: 2019 vs 1970

Nichelle Nichols: 2018 vs 1966

Kim Novak: 2015 vs 1960

Julie Newmar: 2017 vs 1970

Richard Chamberlain: 2017 vs 1965

Shirley MacLaine: 2017 vs 1970

Have you watched old movies with the actors from our list? Whose transformations amazed you the most?


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