“What a Blessed Day,” Chrissy Teigen and John Legend Welcome Baby No. 3 Two Years After a Heartbreaking Pregnancy Loss

In August 2022, the 37-year-old model, Chrissy Teigen, announced her latest pregnancy after a long journey with IVF treatments. And now, despite all the sleepless nights at the hospital, the proud 44-year-old dad, John Legend, feels as energized as ever and is sharing his family’s happy news.

Their journey to their third baby started back in 2020 when they announced they were expecting a little one in Legend’s new music video for “Wild.” And just like any other couple, they didn’t expect anything to go wrong. Unfortunately, halfway through the pregnancy, Teigen had to go to a hospital and go on strict bed rest.

At first, everything went well, and she even updated fans on her condition on Instagram, saying that she and the baby were completely fine. But then her condition worsened, and in October of that year, she shared the heartbreaking news that their little boy had passed away due to many complications.

Devasted, they had to drive back home from the hospital without a baby. Poor Teigen couldn’t even believe it was real.

But they never gave up on growing their family. And now, the proud father confirmed that their new baby was born on Friday, January 13. “What a blessed day,” he said. And after all the struggles they went through, it really is!

The couple already has 2 kids — a son, Miles Theodore, 4½, and a daughter, Luna Simone, 6½. Legend says they are old enough to understand what’s happening, so they both anticipate having a new sibling. “I think they’ll be good at being a big sister and big brother,” he says.

Since they did IVF, they knew 9 days after the transfer that it had worked and that Teigen was pregnant. And they told their kids about their family’s new addition very, very early.

“They knew that we were going to put the egg inside Mommy’s belly. So they knew from the very, very beginning,” said the singer. And he added that they also knew there was a chance it might not work, as it happened before.

Nevertheless, the kids were excited for a long time. Though to them, it seemed like this was going to be the most prolonged pregnancy because they’d known about it since the day it happened. But everything went fine, and the father of 3 proudly announced to a crowd at a private concert that they welcomed “the little baby.”

We are truly happy for them and wish them all the best!

What about you? How did you feel when you welcomed your precious little one into this world? Or are you planning to have one in the near future?


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Bless them all, I'm sure it's been a bittersweet process to experience since the loss of their son and I'm so very happy for them that they could finally meet the newest member of their family. I hope everything continues to go well for them all.


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