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In the new millennium, captivating TV shows skillfully grabbed our attention, with gems like the iconic mother-daughter duo Lorelai and Rory showcasing an inseparable bond. Alongside the charming Stars Hollow residents, each actor added a unique charm to the screen. Now, almost 24 years since the first episode and 17 years since the show ended, let’s explore what the Gilmore Girls cast is doing now. Warning: Spoilers ahead!

1. Rory Gilmore

As Rory Gilmore, Lorelai’s daughter, Bledel made her TV debut on Gilmore Girls. She was well-known in the series for her sharp mind, passion for reading, and tight bond with her mother. One of the main features of the program is the relationship between Rory and her mother Lorelai, which embodies a special mother-daughter interaction full of wit, comedy, and sincere love. Quiet and intelligent, Rory shared her mother’s love of coffee and witty sense of humor.

As an adult, Bledel has appeared in both the first and second installments of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. She married her Mad Men co-star Vincent Kartheiser in 2014, and the two welcomed their first kid together in the fall of 2015. Their romance came to an end when they got divorced in 2022. Bledel, won an Emmy in 2017 for her work in The Handmaid’s Tale. She also starred in the films Violet & Daisy, Jenny’s Wedding, and Crypto.

2. Lorelai Gilmore

EVERETT COLLECTION/EAST NEWS, Birdie Thompson/ADM/MPI/Capital Birdie Thompson/ADM/MPI/Capital/ East News

Lauren Graham brought to life the character of Lorelai Gilmore in Gilmore Girls, portraying the quintessential “cool mom” with a love for food, coffee, and a quick wit. Lorelai faced the challenges of single motherhood after becoming pregnant at the age of 16, creating a unique and heartwarming bond with her daughter, Rory.

Beyond Gilmore Girls, Graham showcased her versatility in various roles. She starred as a TV mom, Sarah Braverman on Parenthood, from 2010 to 2015. She also acted in movies like Evan Almighty, Because I Said So, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, The Bridget Show, Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life, A Merry Friggin’ Christmas and Max.

Later on, she showed up on Curb Your Enthusiasm in 2017. Then, in 2020, she surprised everyone by singing on Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist. In her own life, Lauren Graham had an 11-year relationship with her partner and Parenthood co-star Peter Krause, but it sadly ended in 2021. Lauren Graham is loved in the entertainment world for her relatable characters and different roles.

3. Lane Kim

Keiko Agena played minor roles in programs such as Sister, Sister, Felicity, and Beverly Hills, 90210 before winning the role of Lane, Rory Gilmore’s best friend. Despite growing up in a strict environment, Lane formed a rock band called Hep Alien, where she became the drummer and later married one of the band members, Zack.

Following her drumming career, Agena had cameo roles on Scandal, Private Practice, Shameless, Grimm, 13 Reasons Why, and Better Call Saul. She also played a tiny role in Transformers: Dark of the Moon and appeared in the Star TV series Prodigal Son.

4. Luke Danes

Scott Patterson had various TV and film appearances before becoming well-known as Lorelai’s on-and-off-again love affair. Luke Danes, his character, became every girl’s dream: a little gruff but financially secure (due to owning a cafe!), straightforward yet loving, and an endless supply of coffee.

After Gilmore Girls, Patterson turned to horror cinema, appearing in Saw IV, Saw V, and Saw VI. He also starred on series such as 90210 and The Event. His forthcoming projects include The Rogue and Liberty. Not to mention Stars Hollow, in 2021, he began the podcast I Am All In, in which he gives his thoughts on the show week by episode.

5. Michel Gerard

Yanic Truesdale played Michel, the sardonic concierge (and subsequently part-owner) of the Dragonfly Inn, better than anybody else. Truesdale previously performed in French-Canadian films in Quebec.

Truesdale has been on episodes such as Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Fixer, and Mohawk Girls, in addition to returning to Stars Hollow for the series revival. He returned to his homeland of Montreal and continued to work in cinema and television there. He also reunited with McCarthy for the Netflix comedy series God’s Favorite Idiot.

6. Emily Gilmore

Kelly Bishop had a sharp tongue and a commanding presence as Emily, the matriarch of the Gilmore household. Emily had a secret tender side, loved well-planned events, and didn’t put up with stupidity. Bishop had a thriving acting career before landing the role on Gilmore Girls. She had been in movies such as Dirty Dancing and won a Tony Award for Best Performance by a Featured Actress in a Musical for A Chorus Line.

Bishop carried on with her acting career after being part of the Gilmore Girls cast. She managed to land parts in TV series like Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Mercy, Army Wives, Bunheads, and The Good Wife. She is still working in the field, having been in both the fourth season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and the TV film Art of Falling in Love in 2019.

7. Richard Gilmore

Edward Herrmann had a successful career prior to assuming the part of Richard Gilmore, the leader of the Gilmore family. His career began in 1971 with an uncredited performance in Lady Liberty. His career progressed with guest stars in TV shows like Oz, Beacon Hill, St. Elsewhere, and The Practice.

Herrmann continued to be involved in the industry even after the show’s conclusion. In addition to TV series like Grey’s Anatomy, Law & Order, and The Good Wife, he has worked on movies such as The Town That Dreaded Sundown and The Wolf of Wall Street. Sadly, Herrmann lost his battle with brain cancer in 2014. Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, the Netflix series revival, included a reference to his passing.

8. Sookie St. James

As Lorelai’s best friend and the awkward but adorable chef, Melissa McCarthy displayed her comedic flair. She had voice acting duties and made guest appearances on series like Kim Possible and Curb Your Enthusiasm before donning her apron at the Dragonfly Inn.

McCarthy’s career took off after the release of Gilmore Girls. In addition to well-known movies like Bridesmaids, Ghostbusters, Can You Ever Forgive Me?, and the live-action adaptation of The Little Mermaid, she was cast in television series including Samantha Who? and Mike & Molly. McCarthy has received two Emmy Awards in addition to nominations for two Oscars and two Golden Globes. She has been married to actor Ben Falcone since 2005, and the two of them have two kids together.

9. Kirk Gleason

Gunn was excellent as the endearing and eccentric Kirk, whose antics were well-known in Stars Hollow. Kirk was definitely unique, from his several occupations to his close bond with his mother.

Beyond Gilmore Girls, Gunn is a member of the Marvel Universe, having played Kraglin in Thor: Love & Thunder, Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers: Infinity War, and Avengers: Endgame. In the Marvel movies, he also contributes his performance capture abilities to make Rocket come to life. Additionally, Gunn has made appearances in TV shows like October Road, Bunheads, Glee, and Bones.

10. Paris Geller

Paris Geller, played by Weil, was Rory’s ambitious best friend who felt that their close friendship prevented her from being accepted to Harvard. Liza Weil appeared in episodes of The West Wing, ER, and Law & Order: SVU before joining Gilmore Girls.

Weil had guest appearances in the well-liked Shondaland series after Gilmore Girls. Following her success on Grey’s Anatomy, she was cast in Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder. She also had appearances as a guest on Westworld and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. From 2006 till 2017, Weil was married to actor Paul Adelstein.

11. Miss Patty

Miss Patty used to be a show dancer and now manages a dancing studio in Stars Hollow. Known for spreading rumors, she gives Babette Dell insider knowledge.

With Bette Midler, Liz Torres began her career as a comedian and singer. She first came to notice on Johnny Carson’s show. In addition to recording a disco song in 1975, Torres starred in the CBS sitcom Phyllis from 1975 to 1976. Starring in The John Larroquette Show, earning Emmy and Golden Globe nominations. She was on Gilmore Girls from 2000 to 2007 and guest-starred in various TV shows such as Desperate Housewives, Devious Maids, One Day at a Time, Futurestates, Private Practice, and Lopez vs. Lopez. She also appeared in movies like West of Brooklyn and Expecting Love.

12. Dean Forester

As Dean, the Doose’s bag boy and Rory’s first boyfriend, Jared Padalecki established his name. Who could forget their charming kiss that involved a small amount of larceny?

After Gilmore Girls, Padalecki was able to land a big part in Supernatural, which ran for a whopping fifteen seasons from 2005 to 2020. He also starred in Walker, Walker: Independence, Kings of Con, Friday the 13th, and Thomas Kinkade’s Christmas Cottage.

13. Logan Huntzberger

Logan Huntzberger, Rory’s college boyfriend, was depicted by Matt Czuchry in a way that was both charming and aggravating. He had previously made appearances in television shows like Veronica Mars, Opposite Sex, The Practice, and Young Americans before joining the cast in the fifth season.

Czuchry continued to work in the field after Rory rejected his proposition in the penultimate episode. After a brief time on Friday Night Lights, he went on to play prominent roles in The Good Wife, which ran from 2009 to 2016, and The Resident from 2018 to 2023.

14. Jackson Belleville

Jackson Douglas is well recognized for playing the character Jackson in the Gilmore Girls television series. Jackson, who works at the Independence Inn in the show, develops romantic feelings for Sookie, the head cook. After a while, the couple marries, has a son called Davey, and faces difficulties as Sookie finds out she is pregnant once more. They make up despite some conflict, and Sookie can’t wait for their new baby to arrive.

He appeared back in Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. Douglas has worked on movies other than Gilmore Girls, such as Brown Eyed Girl in 2001 and The Guilt Trip in 2012. He has two kids with his ex-wife, Alex Borstein.

15. Jess Mariano

Milo Ventimiglia played Jess Mariano, Rory’s romantic interest and Luke’s disobedient nephew, making fans argue between him and Dean and making hearts skip a beat. Ventimiglia made television appearances in shows like American Dreams, Boston Public, and Opposite Sex before gaining popularity as a star in Stars Hollow.

Following the Gilmore Girls, Ventimiglia had success in both television and movies. From 2006 until 2010, he had a notable tenure as Peter Petrelli on the hit television program Heroes. Notably, the actor received three Emmy nods for his portrayal of Jack Pearson on NBC’s This Is Us, which brought tears to viewers’ eyes every week. He has also been a part of This Is Us, Gamer, Pathology, Second Act, and The Art of Racing in the Rain.

16. Taylor Doose

Michael Winters played Taylor in Stars Hollow, where he owns Doose’s Market and leads town meetings. He often clashes with Luke Danes and is known for his quirky ideas as a town selectman.

Winters also had roles in soap operas like Days of Our Lives and Ally McBeal. You might recognize him from guest appearances on Friends, The Nanny, Cheers, Frasier, and Law & Order. His versatility in different roles showcases his talent on screen.

17. Babette Dell

The amiable, raspy-voiced next-door neighbor of Lorelai and Rory, Babette Dell, was notorious for making improper remarks and bringing up her husband Morey. She loves Lorelai and Rory very much and has a tender heart.

During the 1970s, Sally Struthers rose to fame as Gloria Stivic in the sitcom All in the Family. For this portrayal, she was honored with two Emmy Awards in 1972 and 1979. She returned to Gloria later, in 1982–1983, for the brief spin-off Archie Bunker’s Place. Struthers has provided the voice of several animated shows, including TaleSpin and The Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm Show. Her acting journey continued as Shirley in Christmas Harmony, Lucy in Still Waiting in the Wings, and many more.

18. Mrs. Kim

Kim’s Antiques in Stars Hollow is owned by Mrs. Kim, who is also Lane’s strict mother. She lives a double life as a Seventh Day Adventist, forcing Lane to follow suit.

Aside from being part of the Gilmore Girls cast, Emily Kuroda has performed in plays like Red and Straight as a Line. She has appeared in Grey’s Anatomy, Drop Dead Diva and The Good Doctor on television. She starred in movies including 2 Days in the Valley, PEEP WORLD, Party Boat, and RED.

Her varied contributions may be seen in independent Asian American movies including Stand Up for Justice, Yellow, and The Sensei. Kuroda is a member of the Actors’ Equity Association and SAG-AFTRA.

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