Why We Need to Stop Shaming People Who Get Cosmetic Surgery

4 years ago

We’re taught to think about cosmetic surgery as something that unrecognizably changes one’s appearance. While it oftentimes creates a small change that other people might not even notice, it can completely change a person’s life around. The reasons for getting plastic surgery usually lie way deeper than the simple will of being accepted by others. And all of these reasons deserve to be respected.

Bright Side tirelessly strives to understand people’s actions better without prejudice. This time, we feel the urge to discuss with you the delicate topic of cosmetic surgery and the surprising reasons behind it.

Everyone deserves the right to gain self-confidence.

I’m so so happy! I was really unconfident before getting rhinoplasty and ptosis surgeries, but in the end, it was totally worth it. I was really insecure about my nose and eye-shape, and if I had known it would change my life so dramatically, I would’ve done it much earlier.

Sometimes flaws in one’s body can damage their self-esteem and create complexes. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look and feel good while gazing in the mirror. In many cases, it’s not other people’s acceptance that they’re trying to achieve, but rather, a feeling of deep self-love that they want to develop. In the end, many people agree that getting cosmetic surgery had a positive psychological effect on them.

It can drastically improve mental health.

I got my chin and jawline done because it was very weak. I’m very happy with my results so far and I know they will continue to improve. I have already gotten compliments which has helped my self-esteem so much. Someone said I look like I’m working out. I have caught people giving me second glances. If it’s an insecurity you have, doing this will fix it. I feel relieved to the point of crying, and I don’t feel the need to get any additional surgery.

The way we feel about ourselves also influences the way we interact with our inner world. Oftentimes, those who are unsatisfied with their looks can develop anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues. Cosmetic surgery helps them fight these problems and overcome them. If someone wants to have greater control over their life, then this is admirable!

It’s sometimes necessary due to health issues.

I had really large polyps in both of my nostrils that over the past few years completely prevented any airflow in both sides of my nose during most of the year, and at best, allowed air only through my left nostril. I also had a deviated septum. My face is far from perfect, and I didn’t want to have the “perfect nose” that’s really thin and small that would bring out a ton of other imperfections. I intend for this to be my only cosmetic procedure (and really, I got it primarily to breathe better).

It’s not always about looks. For example, rhinoplasty can improve breathing, and reducing breast size can remove pain in the neck, shoulders, and spine. Fat removal can help in lowering triglyceride levels (the main constituents of body fat). Eyelid surgery can fix droopy eyelids. Surprisingly, even Botox can be beneficial to one’s health: it can help to treat excessive sweating and migraines.

It keeps people motivated for self-improvement.

I had a tummy tuck. From weight gain and weight loss, I had a big tummy that hung over my pants and wouldn’t go away no matter what I did. Getting it removed was the best thing I’ve ever done. Exercising was easier, my clothes fit better and the impact on my confidence was huge.

Cosmetic procedures like liposuction can not only enhance one’s looks. By achieving a good result after the liposuction, people can stay motivated and adopt better habits and adopt healthier lifestyles in order to maintain it. For some, it can be a great boost to change the way they live in general, even if before they struggled for some reason.

It can help to build their career.

Fixing a couple of flaws can make one’s appearance drastically change and this won’t go unnoticed by society. Good looking people can attract more professional opportunities for themselves, as sometimes employers tend to hire better-looking people. So there is a chance that a small cosmetic surgery can somehow influence finding a new, better job or getting a long-awaited promotion.

Bonus: Happy Reddit users are sharing results that changed their lives.

“Before and 12 weeks after my chin liposuction”

“Before and after my jaw, mouth, chin and nose cosmetic surgeries, one year apart”

The difference a jaw surgery and a nose job can make!

2017 vs 2020

What are your thoughts about cosmetic surgery? Have you ever gone under the knife or plan to change something about your body? Let’s share our thoughts in the comment section!

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For me yes...it will live you normally... For me only on my scars to make my natural beauty back


Some of these were really needed, and you barely see the scars


People should stop worrying about what others do with their lives tbh


If it makes the person feel better about themselves then let them do it! Their life. I should know being an MJ fan people always criticize, and they don't try to understand why. When he was young friends and even some family would make fun of his big nose that's only part of the reason.


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