Why You Need to Stay in the Car If Someone Threw an Egg at Your Car Window

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5 months ago

That seemingly innocent egg thrown onto your car window might not be just a harmless prank. Beyond the immediate mess, it could be a deliberate act with potentially serious consequences. Here’s some useful information you might need if you face such a problem.

Pranks with an egg happen sometimes in the cities.

Driving along, minding your own business, and then suddenly, bam! An egg hits your car window. It’s a prank that happens in cities, and it can catch you off guard. But in the midst of this eggy surprise, it’s crucial to know what not to do.

Some actions can harm your car and your safety.

Don’t use wipers.

If someone throws an egg at your car window, don’t rush to use your windshield wipers right away. Here’s why:

Scratching Risk: The eggshell might have sharp edges or bits on it. If you turn on your wipers without removing the eggshell first, it could scratch or harm your windshield. Eggs can be rough, and the wiper blades might rub the shell against the glass.

Making a Mess: Using the wipers can spread the egg around, making things even messier. The egg’s insides could get into the wiper parts, making it harder to clean later.

Seeing Clearly: If someone threw the egg on purpose, it might be to block your view. Turning on the wipers could smear the egg, making it tougher to see through the windshield and raising the chance of a crash.

Don’t leave your car.

Hey, if you’re out driving at night and someone throws eggs at your windshield, here’s a heads-up: don’t stop right away to check your car, don’t use your wipers, and don’t spray water on it. Weird, right?

But if you mix eggs with water, it gets all milky and can block your vision by a whopping 92.5%! That’s a recipe for trouble. This’s a trick some gangs are using, so spread the word to your pals and family. And hey, let’s not be selfish — share this message! Stay safe out there and don’t leave the car!

What’s better to do in case your car was attacked with eggs.

If your car becomes the unfortunate target of an egg attack, prioritize safety first. Find a secure place to pull over, away from the immediate scene of the incident. Once you’re in a safe spot, consider reaching out to the police to report the incident.

While it might be tempting to confront the situation directly, involving law enforcement is a more prudent and responsible approach. They can gather information, assess the situation, and take appropriate action if needed. Remember, staying calm and prioritizing your safety is crucial in handling unexpected and potentially distressing situations like this.

We hope that our tips are useful. We wish you a good and safe day.


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