Why You Shouldn’t Wash Your Face Before Shower

year ago

Washing your face in the shower might seem convenient, but overly hot water can dry out your skin and cause breakouts. Turns out, washing your face before shower isn’t the best idea either because your hair products may rinse off onto your skin. It’s better to cleanse your face after you finished showering, and we did some research to find out why.

1. It might clog your pores.

Choosing the right haircare products helps your locks look gorgeous, but it’s nearly impossible to shampoo your hair and avoid having some of the product run down your face. Many hair care products contain ingredients that work wonders for your hair but might negatively affect your skin. For example, oils help hydrate your hair, but once the oil finds its way to your skin it may cause clogged pores and acne.

2. It may irritate your skin.

You probably can’t even imagine cleansing your face with shampoo, but this is exactly what happens when you wash your hair in the shower. Hair products come in contact with your skin when you’re rinsing your strands, and many artificial ingredients in your shampoo might cause your skin to start reacting.

3. It might make your skin sensitive.

Skin that is more reactive than usual can be easily irritated by cosmetic products and even sun or wind. Overly sensitive skin can quickly turn red and feel itchy and uncomfortable.

4. It may give you acne.

Many ingredients in shampoos and conditioners are amazing for your hair. But if you use them in the shower, they can trigger acne. It’s better to use your face wash as the last step in your routine to make sure no product residue is left on your skin.

Do you wash your face before or after shower? Have you ever noticed how hair care products affect your skin?


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