Why Your Kids Need Fond Memories to Grow Into Healthy Adults

We all want our children to grow into the happiest, healthiest versions of themselves. Having a loving, safe, and contented family home is every parent’s goal, and it is also necessary for helping them grow into happy, healthy adults. The little things we do with our children can make a positive change in their future in a bigger way than we ever imagined.

We at Bright Side only want the best for each and every one of you and your kids. So we are sharing the science that shows how all of the beautiful time you spend with your family pays off in an important way. Read to the end for some tips on how to create more joyous memories!

Memories affect how we see the world.

Our memories of the past guide us in the future. We use memories to organize our past experiences and then use that to judge how we should act in the future. So remembrances have a vital purpose — they play a massive part in how we make sense of the world around us.

Affection from parents can improve a child’s health.

Happy childhood memories improve your kids’ chance for good physical health in adulthood. But this isn’t just true for our 20s, the decade we really start to become independent. In fact, studies with older participants still showed better health in people with fond childhood memories, even 50 years later. Also, one study showed that adults with positive childhoods had less chronic health conditions.

And it doesn’t just improve their physical health.

And this isn’t only the case physically. Happy childhoods also made adults have better mental health. This includes less depression and higher quality relationships at work and in their personal life. Depression and anxiety can be genetic, but they can also be caused by stress — so a calm, stable and uplifting home environment for a child can ensure that their mental state is protected from harm.

Kids’ relationships with their parents change their future relationships.

Warm childhoods and family lives affect kids’ relationships later in life. These environments can mean that your child will have a more secure attachment style in their future relationships — meaning trust, stability, and, overall, stronger connections.

Quality time means everything to a child.

The thing that matters the most, in the end, is your presence. Children want to spend time with their parents more than anything. Just the presence of a mother and father can make a huge difference in a young person’s development because the relationships we have when we are small set the stage for our future, adult companions, too. These moments make our kids feel safe, secure, and loved, enabling them to grow into happy, healthy adults.

Young kids learn from how they are treated by their parents.

When you can, put away the electronics and focus completely on your kids. Encourage and inspire them to look on the bright side of life and help them handle situations, because they will remember these lessons. And most importantly, treat others (like your spouse, for example) with mutual love and respect. Childhood memories are carried into adulthood, so it’s key that they learn from you how to treat the people they love.

Making happy memories can be fun!

What is more fun than having some joyful experiences with your family? And you don’t need a big budget to do this. Here are some ideas to make amazing family memories:

  • Get outside — go for a walk, or play a sport together in the backyard or at a local park.
  • Do a scavenger hunt — mom and dad can make the clues or hide goodies, and let the kids search to find them.
  • Go on a camping trip or vacation — or, if that’s not possible, take a day out to explore a local attraction.
  • Have a night in — play a board game. Or cook together as a family, with everyone helping, then pop in your favorite movie after dinner!

What are your fondest childhood memories? What do you love to do with your kids? Please share in the comments!

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