You Can Have Your Own Galaxy With These Starry Flowers

2 years ago

When we hear “night sky,” we imagine a wonderful scene with myriads of stars. But you probably never knew that you could see this around the clock. Or rather, a copy of it captured on the petals of a special flower. Yes, now you can grow a whole galaxy at home.

We at Bright Side can’t take our eyes off these excellent flowers. And we’re ready to show you these beauties.

This flower is one of the species of a well-known petunia. And it’s named after the way it looks: “Night Sky Petunia.”

The white dots on the petals of the flower look like stars in the galaxy. These dots may vary in size and amount.

The flowers can also bloom in various colors: purple, blue, pink, and even red. And each of the options is beautiful in its own way.

You can easily buy it and plant in your garden, on your balcony, or in a box on your windowsill. You can also hang it in a hanging basket.

And you’ll have your own night sky that will always be with you.

Have you ever planted flowers? Would you like to have your own galactic petunia?


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