You Can Now Buy a Spider Catcher to Safely Kick Them Out of Your Home, and It’s a Thing

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Take a minute to think of how perfect our lives would be if there were no spiders at all. Or, at least, if there was a way to capture these creepy crawlers without getting too close to them. TA-DA! Thanks to the universe, the spider catchers exist and are ready to turn this idea into reality. No more “AAAAAAH! It’s on me, it’s ON MEEEE!” Check out this item in action, get your wallet ready, and forget about shrieking, running, and crying forever.

We’ve prepared a bonus section with other items that will help you in your battle against many other unwanted guests. Don’t miss it!

This tool will protect your rooms from critters while keeping your arachnophobia at bay. Spiders aren’t the only visitors to your home that can be transported away with this catcher. Roaches, scorpions, flies, crickets, bugs, millipedes, centipedes, wasps, bees, and moths can all be easily (and bravely!) shown the door.

Nobody is allowed to stay unless they have been invited! That’s the rule (as well as healthy personal boundaries!).

It’s easy peasy lemon squeezy to pick up any insect. All you need to do is to:

  • Squeeze the handle, so the bristles open.
  • Position the open bristles over the insect.
  • Release the handle to close the bristles.
  • To release the insect outside, just squeeze the handle again to re-open the bristles at a distance from your home. Some may consider that 1 meter is enough, but others may want to transport their unwanted visitors thousands of kilometers away.

YES, It’s THAT easy. The package includes a fake spider, so you can train a little bit to prepare yourself for the real battle.

Why do we like it so much?

  • Well, it’s safe. Have you seen that long handle? Only Spider-Man will be able to ignore it. Yeah, the further away from the spider, the better.😂
  • Second, it’s insect-friendly. No more squashing, as these beasts can be pretty nice guys. For example, the majority of spiders serve a critical purpose: They control insect populations that could destroy crops. Without them, it’s believed that our food supply could be put at risk. So, it’s better to return them to nature where they belong without harming them.
  • Finally, it’s so easy to use that even your children and grandparents will be able to do it. If cats didn’t pretend they don’t understand us, we could teach them too.

Check out these happy buyers’ reviews:

  • I was so afraid of using this on our female golden silk orb weaver because of how massive she was compared to the diameter of the catcher fully open. So one day, we had a grass cutter come by, so I acted all heroic, praying to the universe that this catcher would not disappoint me in the hours of my extreme need. After my screaming and terrifying the life outta the poor spider, I managed to get her and transfer her to a tree across the house. Other than the catcher popping out from time to time (thank goodness it didn’t while I was trying to get that huge spider), I think it’s a good investment instead of wasting an entire can of bug spray or accidentally unleashing a horde of baby spiders after squishing its mother. @P
  • After 2 BIG & nasty spiders broke into my house & attempted to assassinate me, and I spent 10 minutes screaming and trying to get the courage to get near them with a paper towel to finish the job, I knew I needed a solution. This is the solution, and it is the best thing ever. It gives me enough distance from the spider that I feel more comfortable catching it, and the bristles provide a secure catch. Even better, it comes with a plastic test spider and a hook to hang it where it will be ready for you. Spiders that enter my house don’t leave, and this makes the job easier and less gross. @Knitting Bunny
  • The Critter Catcher is a cool product. I live in Florida, by a lake, and we have many insects knocking at the door. I’ve had it a week, and I have evicted a roach, 3 mosquitoes, and a dragonfly. All of them were caught and released without being hurt. @Dwain South

Buy the spider catcher on Amazon HERE

Bonus: If spiders aren’t the only visitors who come uninvited, offer them these treats:

5. Get the fly problem under control with this salt spray. It’s excellent for dealing with pesky insects hiding in hard-to-reach spots like windows, screens, or blinds. You’ll get rid of the problem without damaging your furniture, paint, or glass.

Remember this code of conduct when using this sprayer:

  • Don’t point it at people or animals.
  • Use it on the pest insects only.
  • Can be operated by adults.

Happy buyer’s review: This is an amazing device. No more running around with a fly swatter only to have the pest fly off before you can hit it. This allows you to zap the fly with a jet of table salt from a good foot away. I wish I had been able to buy one of these years ago. @Chris Pay

Buy the salt sprayer on Amazon HERE

4. This set of sticky traps will protect your green babies from gnats, fruit flies, and other flying insects. All you need to do is take the whole stick and toss it. And, surely, it looks so much nicer than the old hanging fly paper above your head. It just blends into your plants’ foliage.

By the way, it doesn’t contain any pesticides.

Happy buyer’s review: These work very well! I’ve used a few other methods to help get rid of these flies, and nothing had worked until these! My only issue was that I didn’t have enough to catch all the flies! Haha. So I’m ordering more. Highly recommended! @Alicia

Buy the sticky traps on Amazon HERE

3. Safely scare away birds from your house, garden, crops, and car with these reflective disks. Yes, you put too much effort into making your place nice to live in. There is no way you’ll let pigeons and other feathery guys poop over it and destroy your vegetables and fruits.

The idea behind this tool is pretty simple: The disks swivel and use reflectors in sunlight to scare birds away. It can also help you save birds from striking your window.

Happy buyer’s review: This is the best £15 I’ve ever spent. I’ve got a small tree under my bedroom window, and at 5 am every single morning, I was having pigeons constantly cooing until it was time for me to get up. They were beginning to drive me insane. Was a bit skeptical at first about these disks, especially on opening the packet, as they didn’t look like £15 worth, but they are fantastic. They’ve been in the tree for over a week now, and no pigeons at all. Wonderful! They come with a plastic film on them to keep them shiny, and as previous reviews state, they are a little difficult to peel off but well worth the frustration. You may need more than one packet if you have a larger tree, but overall, I find this product fantastic. Finally, I have a good night’s sleep. @Lucy

Buy the reflective disks on Amazon HERE

2. Scare off cats, rodents, birds, rabbits, squirrels, and other animals with these cats with reflective eyes. They can be mounted to or hung from flower beds, lawns, or ground to prevent small visitors from destroying your yard and garden! The set includes a frightened cat, a sitting cat, and a stalking cat.

You can also use it as a yard decoration for any season and Halloween decorations!

Happy buyer’s review: Wow! These actually worked!! I have had a pair of geese in my backyard every morning for the past few days. I’ve had to chase them back into the pond. I got these and put them out yesterday afternoon, and this morning I sat and watched the geese look at them several times and walked right on by past my backyard!!! I took off one star because one of the screws was defective. I also wish they were a little thicker because I was afraid I’d bend them when I put them in the ground. @gentle mist

Buy the garden cats on Amazon HERE

1. Finally, the tool that will eliminate the fear of being bitten by an insect. It’ll extract the venom and saliva and get rid of the itching, tingling, and swelling caused by a bite.

There are 3 things you need to do:

  • Place the tool over the bite.
  • Slowly pull up on the handles until you feel the suction, and hold for 10–20 seconds.
  • Push the handles down to release the suction.

It’s better to avoid using the device on your face or neck, as the risk of leaving a mark on these more sensitive areas is bigger.

Happy buyer’s review: I can’t believe I didn’t know about this. We recently moved, and OMG (the humidity and) BUGS. I forgot what a pain mosquito bites are. I am the shield for people around me. I use the “thing” pretty much every day.
It helps with immediate bites AND bites that flare up days later. It helps with bites that still itch a couple of hours after the first suction. It severely helped with a spider bite on my neck. I typically suction a bad bite two or three times. I use it at home, in the car, or on the go. There’s a small hole in one of the suction “handles” for a string or thin lanyard, it fits in my pocket. This has saved me from so many scars I couldn’t count if I tried. Bought a second to keep in the car. Can’t recommend this enough.
*Note: We read some reviews before purchasing, and we do not use this on the face. @Alyssa

Buy the suction tool on Amazon HERE

Are you afraid of insects? What other phobias do you have?

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