You Can Turn Your Garden Into a Fairytale With 20 Flowers That Bloom at Night

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3 years ago

Not all flowers are supposed to be enjoyed during the day. Some of them can add a special touch to your whole gardening experience after the sun goes down. These flowers, like the chocolate-scented daisy or the moonflower, show their beauty at night, and we’re afraid you may lose sleep over it.

Have a look at some of the most stunning night-blooming flowers Bright Side has found, so you can also create a spellbinding landscape on your doorstep.

1. Mock Orange

These flowers have a soft citrus scent that attracts butterflies and insects, a perfect flower for all the pollinating wildlife. In 1931 it was made the state flower of Idaho.

2. Moonflower

If you are quick enough, you can see this flower bloom right in front of your eyes. This is because it takes them only a few minutes to open at the end of the day, giving you a beautiful show.

3. Antares Night Blooming Waterlily

If you have a pond the night-blooming lily is a great plant for your garden. However they can spread out anywhere from 2 ft to12 ft, so make sure your pond is big enough before planting them.

4. Pulmonaria

These flowers are also known as "raspberry splash" because of their colorful pinks and purples, which makes them stand out from other plants. These flowers are also ideal for those of you with a more shaded garden.

5. Evening Primrose

The name of this flower originally means "first rose" of the year, even though it is not from the rose family. This is because it is often the sign of early spring as it blooms in the first months of the year.

6. Adam's Needle

If you prefer a low-maintenance garden then this is an ideal flower for you. It survives in dry and poor soil, is heat tolerant, salt tolerant, and is rabbit and deer resistant.

7. 4-o'clocks

The name of this flower comes from the fact that they open in the late afternoon until early the next morning. They are native to Mexico and are believed to have been cultivated by the Aztecs for medical and decorative purposes.

8. Night Gladiolus

Its name comes from the Latin word meaning "sword," and Roman gladiators are thought to have worn these flowers around their necks to help them win during battles.

9. Nottingham Catchfly

This flower got its name because it was originally found growing on the walls of historic Nottingham Castle in England.

10. Cape Jasmin

This flower is part of the larger jasmine family of flowers and it is the national flower of both Indonesia and the Philippines.

11. Night Phlox

This flower is also known as Midnight Candy. If you are planning on creating a moon garden, then these flowers will perfectly complement the scents of angel's trumpets and 4-o'clocks.

12. Night-Scented Stock

Although it doesn't appear to be, this flower is actually part of the plant family that also produces cabbage, broccoli, and mustard.

13. Night-Scented Orchid

There are more than 25,000 orchid species across the world, with more and more being discovered every year. Sadly this orchid, in particular, is scarce across much of the world and is listed as endangered in Florida, making it a rare beauty.

14. Tuberose

These flowers not only bring elegance to a garden, but you can also eat parts of them as they are often used in vegetable soups.

15. Flowering Tobacco

These tobacco plants are not only gorgeous for you to look at, but they can also benefit the wildlife visiting your garden. Both hummingbirds and giant moths are attracted to their fragrance, making them perfect for nature lovers.

16. Brugmansia

These flowers are often known as the angle's trumpet, and they are not to be confused with the devil's trumpet. The main difference is that brugmansia's hang down toward the earth and the devil's trumpet stands upright toward the sky.

17. Bleeding Heart

If you are struggling with deer or rabbits in your garden, you will be happy to hear that these flowers are resistant to them. These 2 animals will turn their noses up at this plant, unless they are particularly hungry.

18. Chocolate-Scented Daisy

These flowers are a conversation starter with their chocolate smell, ideal for all the chocoholics out there. This also means that they may attract many visitors to your garden, like butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds.

19. Easter-Lily Cactus

You'll need to be a little patient with this night-blooming cactus flower, because the flowers only last a few days in the spring. The flowers are known for their strong scent and their beautiful colors, definitely not to be missed!

20. Dragon Fruit Flower

Known for its fruits, this plant also beautifully blossoms, but you had better be quick because the blossom is only open for one night. If you are living somewhere with sunshine and warm temperatures, then this plant may do very well.

Have you ever heard about flowers that bloom at night? Which flowers would you recommend adding to this list?

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