“You’re Magnificent,” Ben Affleck Showers Jennifer Lopez With Steamy Kisses and Praise at “Air” Premiere

Ben and Jen once again reminded us how deeply in love they are as they set the red carpet on fire with their steamy PDA at Affleck’s movie premiere. The famous actor also paid a beautiful tribute to his wife as he presented his film to the audience and completely melted our hearts.

On March 27, Jennifer Lopez accompanied Ben Affleck to the premiere of his movie Air. The event was especially important to Affleck, as he not only directed, produced, and starred in it, but he also got to work with his best friend Matt Damon once again. As Ben said: “What was really wonderful about it was, I love and trust Matt so much, and it was so lovely to be working together.”

The actor-turned-director was seemingly so overwhelmed with emotions at the premiere that he couldn’t keep his hands off Lopez during the entire red carpet moment. The couple looked incredibly loved up and acted as if there were no cameras around.

Later, as Affleck presented his film, he said a few beautiful words about the people closest to him, Matt and Jennifer. He said about Damon: “If you’re really lucky in life, you’ll have a friend like Matt Damon. I love him, and it’s the biggest joy of my professional life to work with him.”

And then, Ben turned to his lovely wife and used every word of praise in the book to describe her: “You’re fabulous, you’re amazing, you’re wonderful, good, kind, magnificent, and I love you.” He also added that Jennifer “means more to me than anything in the world.”

Affleck and Lopez have been married since July 2022, nearly 20 years after their first try at romance ended. The 2 co-parent Ben’s 3 children from his previous marriage with Jennifer Garner, and J. Lo’s 2 kids she shares with Marc Anthony.


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