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10+ Brutally Honest Illustrations That Offer a Mirror to the Modern World

Modern technology is changing our lives at such a rapid speed that sometimes we completely forget what our life was like before it. But if you take a break and look back, you’ll see that there are certain changes in the world that are actually not very good for us. To remind you that our laptops, smartphones, and video games can’t be an adequate replacement for family and friends, we’ve created a series of illustrations that show our life in its true colors.

Bright Side suggests that you take a look at this selection so we can all think about which way we should go before it’s too late.

13. We feel lonely even near our loved ones.

12. We think that we can’t change anything on our own.

11. We easily judge others on social media.

10. We’re destroying our own home, the Earth.

9. We don’t notice the miracles around us.

8. Our oceans are crying out for help.

7. We’re trying to create an “ideal” life on social media.

6. There’s no more real talk between family members.

5. We believe in lies, even though deep inside we know the truth.

4. We just keep on complaining, instead of helping.

3. Our kids will never know a life without technology.

2. We’re consuming more and more of our precious resources.

1. We forgot the joy of reading real books.

How have modern technologies affected your personal life? Are there more positive or negative things that have appeared in the recent centuries? Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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