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20 Charming White Tattoos That Are Even Good Enough for the Strict Moms

Tattoos have long stopped being something abnormal. A lot of people have them and some can even show off a true masterpiece. The latest trend in Instagram is white ink tattoos. They look very delicate and are almost unnoticeable until you get closer. These pieces of art can be compared with the subtle fragrance of expensive perfume — they’re gentle and understated but still leave their mark on you.

Why not to have a look at these different and charming “invisible” tattoos? We at Bright Side believe that even people with strong convictions would agree that they look pretty stylish.

1. Around the World

2. Bellissimo!

3. Peonies

4. A delicate snowflake

5. A lotus

6. A white rose

7. A white hummingbird, instead of an ordinary swallow

8. Your own compass

9. Moon phase

10. Golden snitch in white

11. White tenderness

12. A dreamcatcher

13. White mandala

14. Snakes guarding your peace

15. Water circles

16. A geometric rose

17. New vision of a classic dragon

18. “We’re all mad here.”

19. This compass will guide your way.

20. Blind Alphabet

Bonus: Entanglement of black and white

How did you like these unusual tattoos? Tell us in the comments below.

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