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A Digital Artist Creates Illustrations That Can Take You Straight to a Parallel Universe

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Sometimes, artists are called visionaries, because they’re able to precisely envision and illustrate their ideas about the world of the future. And although it’s still too early to judge whether Tithi Luadthong (Username: grandfailure on the Depositphotos stock image platform) will become one of the outstanding futurists, what we can do now is enjoy some of his digital masterpieces.

Some of the Thai artist’s digital sketches look like ready-made sci-fi book covers, while others work as metaphorical symbols and representations of a very vivid imagination. Some of us may even begin to uncover our own feelings about the distant future. If you are ready to find out something new about the world around you and contemplate how things may turn out in the future, we invite you to scroll down and take a look at these 18 fantasy illustrations by Tithi Luadthong.


Tithi Luadthong mastered his skills of interior watercolor rendering during his years as a student. Then he tried to use the same aesthetics while creating digital sketches in Photoshop.


The artist used heroes from sci-fi games, comics, and films for prototyping his own characters. However, most of the humans and robots he depicts have unique features too.


For this author, the internet is not just a place where he can present his work to a wide audience, but it’s also a source of inspiration. He often turns photos that are used as references into his future works.


Once, Tithi signed up as a contributor on one of the stock image platforms. At first, he didn’t believe that his portfolio could become a serious source of income and he used it as a place where he could share his artistic vision. However, he soon became one of top contributors.


From time to time, Tithi uses his old photographs to create new sketches. It is important for him that the future work will be meaningful and contain lots of detail, telling stories to the audience.


Typically, the genre of Tithi’s artwork would be considered sci-fi, horror, or fantasy. However, the author does not limit himself to the laws of any genre. On the contrary, sketching for him is an opportunity to feel real artistic freedom after days of negotiations with clients.


The fantastic paintings by this author always have protagonists. It can be a person, an animal, or both. As usual, the background sets the right atmosphere, and the characters tell us a whole story in context.


The artist is fascinated by ​​sci-fi worlds, as they contain a lot of puzzling things that we do not encounter in real life. Often, an inconspicuous detail from a movie or a new computer game is a starting point for him to create a new sketch. To keep in mind all the exciting discoveries he’s made, Tithi notes his impressions and ideas using keywords.


The films that had a significant impact on his portfolio are The Matrix, Terminator, Bladerunner, Mad Max, Upgrade, and Godzilla. There, you can also find some allusions to comics like Akira, Blame!, Evangelion, and Zetman.


Dreamy fantasy illustrations are another visual genre this artist admires. He often sketches his childhood dreams to share his thoughts and ideas in a metaphoric form.


Children’s nightmares are an important topic in the artist’s portfolio.


Some of Tithi Luadthong’s works are controversial. Each person can interpret them in their own way and recreate the unique story behind the sketches and their heroes using their imagination.


The characters of the artist’s fantasy sketches are often ambiguous. Some of them even look ominous.


Tithi’s portfolio fuels our imagination. Sometimes, we might even feel ourselves getting inside his artwork and looking at the magical creatures and amazing devices with our own eyes.


This is the artist’s favorite portfolio picture. Here’s how he describes it: “This picture depicts a single boy rowing to another world and while traveling, seeing stars like this in the sky. I first got the idea from the movie ‘Interstellar.’ I also like photos with a long exposure of stars because it can’t happen in real life.”


Tithi Luadthong enjoys reflecting on what the future holds for humanity. For example, he believes that people will work 20 hours per day, and then rest for 4 hours. Reflections on man-made disasters have an important place in his portfolio as well.


Another topic that Tithi Luadthong often depicts in his sketches is the friendship between humans and huge fantastic creatures. These types of sketches usually have an optimistic outlook.


These inhabitants of the deep sea that are depicted flying across the sky, invented by Tithi, look fascinating.

You never know when you’ll stumble upon another intriguing masterpiece while searching for something in image stocks. Tithi Luadthong’s portfolio is just one example of the gems you can uncover in the Depositphotos library.

Tithi began his career as an interior designer, and then his passion for sci-fi and fantasy (as well as his debut on image stocks) helped him gather his first fans and become a well-known digital artist. We hope that his story will inspire you to keep looking for new and exciting ways of self-expression online, and will provide you with evidence that it is much more common to stumble upon those that will appreciate your work.

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