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An Artist Imagines What Superheroes’ Everyday Lives Are Like in 18 Comics

Lucas Nascimento is a Brazilian designer and illustrator with a lot of talent and creativity, capable of portraying popular and celebrated superheroes in their most unknown, carefree, and private spheres. Nascimento, who publishes his work under the pseudonym Dragonarte, shows through his comics and animations the day-to-day life of these characters in a super-funny way. You don’t always stop and wonder about what Batman’s doing when he’s not saving the world, right? Well, if you’ve ever wondered, we think you’ll find the answer right here.

We love the idea of showing the other side of being a superhero, a part of their lives that somehow feels more human and relaxed. That’s why Bright Side decided to make a compilation with some of the best work from Lucas Nascimiento. Enjoy!

1. Superhero pets also have superpowers, even if you weren’t aware of it!

2. Keep your eyes open at all times.

3. Apply a bit of hairspray and he becomes someone else.

4. He will always be the “bigger man.”

5. Superheroes are also into pranking, but you probably knew that already if you watched Deadpool.

6. There’s not much you can do but just find solutions!

7. You cannot only have the good parts, you have to deal with the rest too!

8. And I thought it was the latest technology in human-machine symbiosis...

9. Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

10. They seem to be working, but actually...

11. You have to do your nails... and your claws too.

12. Looks can be deceiving.

13. No matter who you are or what you have to do, you’ll always find a friend at the barbershop.

14. Don’t be upset, Thor, we’ll change whatever you want.

15. Never say that Batman isn’t ready for anything again.

16. What on Earth were you thinking, Spidey?

17. You’re not the only one who can do that.

18. Every now and then he also tucks Batman in.

What did you imagine the daily life of superheroes would like? What superhero is your favorite and why?

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