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These Tattoos From a Celebrity Artist Are Sure to Make Your Jaw Drop Into Your Boots

It’s not an easy job to please and impress people with just nice tattoos. With so many styles, from realistic to watercolor, tribal, and even illustrative, the tattoo world becomes a real scene for an eye-pleasing show. Ryan Ashley Malarkey manages to not only create tattoos that make people gasp in awe, but her name has become a synonym of taste, style, and wonder in a tattoo world.

Here at Bright Side, we’ve already shown you some stunning art by Ryan Ashley. Today, we’d love for you to take a look at her new masterpieces, as well as learn some more curious facts about this incredibly talented woman.

Art has always been a special feature in the artist’s family.

Though Ryan Ashley isn’t very keen on sharing information about her family publicly, it’s known that she was raised by a single mom. Her mother worked at a fast-food restaurant and attended a night school in accounting. But her main virtue was that she was into art and taught her daughter to draw. Here’s when Ryan started showing her early skills in art.

Ryan’s husband also knows a thing or two about tattoos.

In 2019, Ryan Ashley married Arlo DiCristina, who is also a famous tattoo artist. Though their tattoo styles are quite different, the spouses do love making some nice things together. For example, they appear in different master classes and share their valuable experience and advice will tattoo lovers.

The artist’s famous style is black and gray tattoos.

Ryan Ashley is really fond of the black-and-gray style and colors. This style allows her to use only black ink in various shades. Her absolutely remarkable tattoos can be easily recognized from others. She masterfully plays with only these two colors and makes tattoos with beadwork, lace detail, and ornamental jewels.

She was the first woman to win the famous show.

In late 2016, Malarkey took part in Ink Master, a reality competition where tattoo artists go through different artistic challenges and the winners get the title and prize money. Ryan Ashley came to the show to test herself and was the champion of the 8th season. She also became the first woman to win the title. With her help, the women on the show formed a special artistic group to win over their competitors.

The prices for the artist’s tattoos are in accordance with her talent.

As several sources report, the inking done by Ryan Ashley may cost you quite a sum. A tattoo inked by her starts at $200. But it’s only a minimal charge, and anyone who’s really a fan of her style should probably be prepared to pay more for the hours spent in Ryan Ashley’s tattoo studio.

Which of the tattoos by Ryan Ashley seemed the most fancy to you? Would you like Ryan to be your personal ink master?

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