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15 Practical Tips That Can Help Remove the Mess From Your Kitchen Once and Forever

One of the main reasons why it’s difficult to get rid of a mess is inertia. When we bring things into our home, we fail to arrange a neat storage system and automatically put things on shelves randomly, thinking it’s a temporary solution and that we’ll find the right place for them later. But eventually, things stay there, creating a mess.

Bright Side has carefully studied what devices and solutions can help us use all the space in each corner of the kitchen more effectively so that each new item or product has its own precise spot.

15. Use an organizer for objects that are always there on the tabletop to make spaces look neater.

You’ve likely heard the advice to keep dinner tables and other tabletops empty. However, in fact, it’s not always possible and convenient. Salt shakers and sugar basins somehow always manage to stay on the table, and it’s actually convenient to always have oil and sauces at hand near the stove. This conflict can be solved with one organizer. If all the aforementioned objects are kept in a special space, such as a decorative plate instead of sitting randomly all over the kitchen, it will look neat and stay as functional as it’s supposed to be.

14. Arrange additional shelves to use up all the useful space in kitchen cabinets.

Sometimes tall kitchen cabinets without additional shelves force us to stack dishes and boxes on top of each other. It’s extremely inconvenient, especially when you need to get something out of these stacks. Moreover, it’s not aesthetically pleasing. However, special expandable kitchen cabinet shelves can help you avoid these piles. They can be used for storing different types of dishes, from mugs and cups to plates.

13. You can hang jars with spices on plastic clip strips so that they don’t clutter shelves.

It’s extremely important to be able to use vertical spaces to create functional areas. For example, for storing jars with spices that can prevent you from getting to larger objects behind them, you can use the inner walls of the cabinets by arranging plastic clip strips to them. And luckily for you, they’re available in any plumbing store.

12. Foil, baking paper, and plastic bags can be stored on an organizer for documents.

Normally, all these packages are very long, which makes it difficult to find a place for them. And even if you create an ideal-looking holder for such items, they won’t stay in order for long because you’ll have to mix things up every time you need to grab anything from them. If you store long packages in an organizer for documents, each package will be easily accessible, and the overall space will look neat.

11. Place special containers in the fridge to sort products.

Undoubtedly, you can intuitively demarcate space in the refrigerator, even now. And you’ve probably already noticed that such an approach leads to giving up soon after because all of the products stored in the fridge will look like one big mess in no time. In order not to create more chaos, place additional containers for certain products so that each group has its own spot.

10. A turnable stand can become a perfect solution if you have lots of small jars in the kitchen.

Such stands are true gems when it comes to arranging piles of jars, such as those for spices, sauces, or oils. It’s inconvenient to store these small containers on a flat surface, one behind the other, but it prevents us from easily finding the jar that we need. Plus, there’s always a risk that you’ll drop a jar or multiple containers while trying to reach for others. Thanks to such an organizer, all the necessary items will always be in sight and at hand.

9. It’s much more convenient to store baking trays, cutting boards, and medium-height baking dishes vertically.

The habit of stacking all flat objects one on top of the other is anything but convenient, especially when you need to get an object that’s buried under 6 other items. In order to forget about this issue once and forever, use a vertical rack that will allow you to reach any object easily.

8. Use a special holder, as not to unstack heavy frying pans every time you need to cook.

The same rule described in the previous paragraph applies to storing frying pans. Instead of stacking them on each other, creating problems for yourself, and potentially ruining the coating of the frying pans, consider getting yourself a special holder. Thanks to this, frying pans can be stored both vertically or horizontally without being difficult to grab. Additionally, if you place a towel under the holder, it can play the role of a drying rack.

7. Cans can be placed in a special organizer.

Stacking cans over each other also doesn’t do anyone any good, and it causes the same inconveniences as stacked frying pans and spice jars. A special organizer or several document holders of the necessary width will help solve the issue.

6. Most kitchen utensils look better on hooks than on shelves.

Unlike forks and spoons, kitchen utensils, like whisks and ladles, are never distributed neatly on the shelf, even if you use a special tray. In order to avoid a cluttered kitchen, consider arranging hooks. They can be placed over the tabletop, for example. They can also be used for hanging other objects, such as potholders and cups.

5. Install a lid-holder on the inner part of a kitchen cabinet.

Storing lids is usually the second-biggest pain in the neck right after stacked frying pans. But the good news is that there are special holders that can be installed on the inner part of a kitchen cabinet door. Another solution is to set up hooks for towels on the inner door of a kitchen cabinet. However, in this case, you’ll fit fewer lids because they won’t be placed one behind the other and will take up all the available door space.

4. It’s better to store potatoes and onions in a vertical rack, not in a bag or in a box.

If you buy onions or potatoes in small portions, you might be well aware of how hard it is to find the right place for them and not to ruin the overall look of the kitchen, keeping them relatively accessible. Regular metal holders for documents can come to the rescue once again. They let vegetables breathe freely and fit into any cabinet thanks to their vertical shape.

3. Opt for square-shaped containers.

A large set of square-shaped containers will save your cabinets from the colorful chaos of boxes and bags. Moreover, this shape is convenient because, unlike round-shaped items, it’s easier to rearrange and move square containers inside cabinets. But make sure they’re transparent, otherwise, you’ll have to mark each of them.

2. Arrange a special transparent tray for tea bags.

Tea packages take up an unreasonable amount of space, especially when no more than half of the contents remain in them. In order to save space and avoid piling up various tea packages, consider getting a special tray for teabags. You can do the same thing for coffee maker capsules.

1. Store food containers and their lids separately.

You’ll likely agree that it’s not nice to get stuck under an avalanche of falling containers every time you open a kitchen cabinet. In order to stop this torture, you can start storing containers and lids separately. Make sure to sort through both the lids and the containers according to their size. This trick will help you place all the items compactly, making it much easier for you to use them.

Perhaps you also use some special space-saving hacks in your house. Please share photos of the most neatly organized areas in your home!

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