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25+ Decorated Dishes Made by an Artist That You May Regret Eating

Healthy foods are not always what people choose right away. Often, junk food proves victorious with its appearance that is so appetizing, it makes it impossible to reject. That’s why culinary artist Sine, whose Instagram account is Foodbites, decided to take on the challenge of preparing healthy, delicious, and visually compelling foods, creating dishes so beautiful that they bring a smile to your face.

At Bright Side, we believe that ingenuity and creativity are the ingredients of a perfect recipe, and that’s why we chose 30 of Sine’s dishes that are so cute and adorable, it would be a shame to eat them if we actually had them in front of us (but we’d probably gobble them up anyway).

1. Someone should tell the squirrels that those aren’t nuts. Wait, those aren’t squirrels either!

2. It’s not polite to play with your food, but in this case, what else can you do?

3. A bouquet of food, every seductive glutton’s dream!

4. They’re so cute, it’s almost a shame to eat them.

5. It’s rarely a joy to find ants in your food.

6. When they look like this, vegetables are as lovely as they are healthy.

7. Those marshmallows “melted” before they even began to be eaten.

8. Cacti should always be like that — nice and edible.

9. It must be beautiful to find colorful birds in the sky, but even better on your plate.

10. These tasty Olafs will definitely not make it to the summer nor tomorrow’s dinner.

11. It looks like they’re lining up to sneak out.

12. These owls look like they’re going to be eaten soon.

13. “Excuse me, I’m about to fish for my food.”

14. The perfect flowers are those that can be eaten.

15. Any resemblance to Toy Story 3 is purely coincidental.

16. These little faces look quite familiar...

17. Finding Nemo among the oranges

18. We must admit that this is a good way to remind someone about the household chores they haven’t done yet.

19. Wow, an “aquatic” experience right on your plate!

20. Fattening up the beavers before they get eaten

21. After looking at this picture, it will be difficult to see strawberries again without thinking about ladybugs.

22. These “mango-raffes” are as likable as they are edible.

23. These crabs don’t like the idea of becoming lunch.

24. Who told the avocados they’re going to be eaten?

25. This must be the first time seeing a walrus made you hungry.

26. These giraffes are not far behind in that aspect either.

27. When seeing these cows, instead of saying, “Moo,” it’s better to say, “Yum, yum!”

28. The raccoons stole our hearts.

29. I hope they don’t puncture your mouth when you eat them.

30. They can’t fool us anymore, those aren’t real fish.

Would you eat these elaborate dishes or would you feel sorry for them? Do you like to cook? If you dare, show us a picture of the most over-the-top dish you’ve ever prepared. We want to see it!

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