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17 Gifted Designers That Make Sure Customers Come Back to the Store

There are lots of things that can make us return to one and the same store for shopping time and time again. Apart from good service and high quality of goods, unique interior and exterior design can make us admire the place and reach out for our phones to take a photo. From carts where you can put your dog and test tracks for hiking boots to a mesmerizing imitation of another city, store designers know how to grab our attention.

Here at Bright Side, we’d love to visit these 17 stores which must have been created with the help of real gurus of design, and we wonder if you share our excitement while looking at these pics.

1. “The door handle for this jewelry store looks like a gold ring.”

2. And the door handles for this bakery are baguettes.

3. “The elevator buttons at this mall have been installed in an open book on a shelf.”

4. “This German sports store has a mini indoor lake for testing canoes.”

5. “This luggage store has an airplane set up for customers to test their carry ons and underseater bags.”

6. “This shopping mall has a peak hour bike lane running through it.”

7. “These 2 different sets of shopping baskets at a department store in Bangkok — for those that need help or want to be left alone.”

8. “This sports store has tiny model tents so they don’t have to set up the big ones.”

9. And these highly detailed mini-couches were found at a furniture store.

10. “This mall has an entire wall made of sequins so people can write messages.”

11. “My shopping cart had a phone holder.”

12. “This grocery store has a map of where to find items on every cart.”

13. “This mall in Tokyo looks like an Italian city, but it’s inside a building.”

14. This store has pet carts, so you can shop together with your pet.

15. And this mall has a dog drinking station.

16. “Refrigerated storage lockers in a Japanese mall”

17. “Test track for hiking shoes at the local Decathlon store”

Have you ever visited a store that amazed you with its unusual design? If you have a picture of that cool design, you can show it to us in the comments!

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