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21 Unexpected Messages Hidden in Everyday Products That Can Make You Glow

Curiosity is a motivator for learning and it’s crucial for healthy development. Product designers know this so they’ve decided to reward your nosy interest by sneaking secret messages into places you may never think to look in. Such unexpected messages show humor and spread a little joy to people who use these products on a daily basis.

Bright Side has compiled a list of products containing cheeky hidden messages that will surely brighten up your day.

1. This ramen cup has a hidden message when you recycle it responsibly.

2. Great advice on the bottom of this coffee mug

3. Surprise! There are smiley faces under the keyboard knobs.

4. Curiosity rewarded

5. Very cheeky coconut water

6. The first “ingredient” in these goldfish crackers is smiles.

7. “Saw this at a bar I went to today — look at the serial number.”

8. “My yogurt just brightened my day.”

9. A Sparkling Ice bottle with a relatable hidden message

10. “Look what I found under the bed in our cruise liner’s cabin.”

11. A friend bought a shirt and the tag had a message on it.

12. “My new glasses have a cute little message.”

13. This raincoat reveals a floral pattern when wet.

14. The footrest in my new Jeep says, “sand snow rivers rocks” in Morse code.

15. Top Gear is always honest.

16. This Swiss water bottle has the shape of a mountain inside of it.

17. “I discovered a treasure map inside of my coffee mug!”

18. “Found a pair of Kobe basketball shoes with the names of his 3 daughters in braille on the sole.”

19. “My boyfriend’s blender bottle had a cute message under the cap.”

20. A new use for a dress label

21. A secret sloth on this drink bottle

Have you ever found such Easter eggs in the products you use? Or have these messages awoken your curiosity to start reading all your labels?

Preview photo credit A_Lazko / reddit