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24 Simple Yet Brilliant Bathroom Designs That Will Divide Your Life Into Before and After

A good day is made up of little details—and that includes public restrooms! Simple things like a full soap dispenser and paper towels are the bare minimum, of course. But places that have an extra accessory tray inside a cabin, free mouthwash or tampons, and a button with water sounds to make you feel more comfortable while doing your business are literally another level of life.

Here at Bright Side, we think it’s life-changing when public places are not only clean, but also practical, and we’d love to share some of the best design examples that were done by some genius designers.

1. Signs that tell you whether or not each restroom is occupied.

2. The bathroom lock that’s also a tray, so you can’t forget your things.

3. “The toilet at my work has a wall of strong scented wood to replace the need for an air freshener (it works surprisingly well!).”

4. “My local Chick-fil-A has mouthwash in the bathroom.”

5. “My hotel bathroom mirror had a built-in Bluetooth speaker.”

6. “Water-saving handle in public bathroom — up for liquid waste, down for solid waste”

7. McDonald’s has these stickers on their bathroom mirrors.

8. The men’s restroom door has a reminder that helps you check yourself before leaving.

9. “My hotel room had a heated panel behind the bathroom mirror to stop it from steaming up after a shower.”

10. “I have a gender-neutral bathroom at my high school.”

11. “My office flipped all the women’s restroom vending machines to be free.”

12. A restaurant that has 2 types of soap in the bathroom— unscented one for before eating and scented one for after.

13. This bathroom has a touchless door control to avoid the excessive spread of bacteria.

14. The toilets in this bathroom have rainwater for flushing!

15. “The bathroom I was in had a button to let an employee know it needs to be cleaned.”

16. The kid’s bathroom in a London museum has sinks that slope to cater to children of all ages (and heights).

17. Japanese toilets can play water sounds, so you can sit there comfortably, without other people listening.

18. “Bathroom doors at my work are floor to ceiling, and without stall gaps.”

19. A pet relief area in an airport

20. These gender-neutral toilets have doors that tell you what’s inside.

21. A bathroom that has 3 different types of toilet paper, so you have options.

22. “The female sign for this restroom isn’t wearing a dress.”

23. “Whoever invented this child holder in a public toilet is a genius!”

24. A foot pedal that turns water on is the perfect way of not touching where dirty hands could have touched.

Have you been to public bathrooms from the new generation? What impressed you the most? We’d be happy to see your comments and pictures in the section below.

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