10 Reasons Why Your House Might Look Dirty Regardless of How Much You Clean It

Home cleaning is very important for human mental health. According to specialists consulted by Architectural Digest, some of the advantages it brings with it are a reduction of anxiety, an increase in daily performance, and a decrease in stress. But sometimes, trying to keep our spaces shiny is complicated, especially when there are details that cause our house to not look as nice as we want.

And as we know, sometimes those little details are difficult to appreciate. So, at Bright Side, we prepared a list of the most common mistakes that prevent you from having the feeling of harmony and well-being that we all get with a clean house.

1. Poorly illuminated spaces

Natural lighting has been an important topic of architecture, even before artificial lighting was invented. However, sometimes we forget that some spaces (especially in cities) may lack this essential characteristic. That’s why it’s important to make the most of every light space. Simple tricks like a change of curtains to lighter tones or plants arranged in strategic places can make a big difference.

2. Floor cracks in plain view

We don’t always have time to make big repairs to our homes. When it comes to floors, a lack of maintenance can cause a permanent look of neglect no matter how clean the space is kept. A simple trick to avoid this is to hide the cracks under a nice rug which, in addition to giving the room more personality, prevents further damage to the affected area.

3. Tiny stains on the stove

When we do general cleaning, the stove can be a real problem. Food stains and garbage are easy to remove, but grime and burnt oil can remain for a long time. To remove them, we have to use special products which are more abrasive, so we recommend wearing gloves and reading the instructions carefully.

4. Accumulation of dirt on switches and sockets

During this year, we have learned more than ever before about the importance of maintaining the outlets and switches in our home. However, the dirty feeling may be due to the natural wear and tear of the materials. A simple trick is to give them a little coat of paint to make them shine, but remember that if they are in a high traffic area, they should be replaced often.

5. Stained, damaged, or cracked walls

If your wall is neglected, if the wallpaper is torn, or if the paint is starting to fall off, every time you look at this part of the house, it gives the impression that something is wrong even if you’ve just cleaned it. To avoid replacing the entire surface, a secret that will also bring life to the room is to use a plant that hides the damage. There are many that can be convenient and easy to maintain.

6. Dusty or foggy windows

Sometimes we clean windows and mirrors, but they get fogged up or dirtier if we don’t do it the right way. To avoid this, you need to make sure you spend extra time on these surfaces. Dry cleaning, the right products, and never forgetting to wipe both sides are the secrets to keeping these areas sparkling clean.

7. Neglected carpets

When the upholstery gets dirty, vacuuming is not enough. Because no matter how dust-free you keep the room, the curtains, or the carpet, there will always be that small area of a different color that urgently needs a deep cleaning. Nowadays, there are quite affordable methods and products, such as warm water cleaning or dry cleaning, that can help you to loosen up that stain.

8. Messy dishes

The accumulation of dishes, whether clean or dirty, detracts from their overall cleanliness. One trick to make this part of the house shine and stand out for its tidiness is to put dishes away as soon as they are dry. But avoid storing them wet or wiping them with dirty towels because they could accumulate bacteria.

9. Cluttered objects in rooms

If we have many objects or decorations at floor height, they will generate a sensation of noise and disorder. The most advisable thing to do in these cases is to opt for elevated display alternatives: like shelves or furniture that allow you to free up the floor. This makes maintenance easier (like dusting) and helps you avoid the accumulation of problems that can be harmful to your health.

10. Moisture in the sink

When cleaning the bathroom, few people stop to dry those small and sometimes imperceptible places that, hours later, have soap and water marks. The solution to this is to dry these areas well, selecting the right product for metal surfaces and a different one to maintain the shine of porcelain.

What is your favorite cleaning process? How do you achieve perfect order in your home? Leave us your answer in the comments.

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