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16 People Who Breathed a New Life Into Their Home and Made Us Scream, “That’s Crazy Awesome!”

There are several reasons why homeowners should consider improving or renovating their living spaces. For starters, everyone deserves to go home to a place that they love and enjoy dwelling in. Doing house projects can also be fun, and developments can help increase the residence’s selling value.

To help you find your next home makeover “inspo,” Bright Side collected 16 before-and-after photos of spaces that transformed from drab to really fab, so get ready to bookmark these ideas.

1. “I moved in with my boyfriend a year ago. The place has changed a little.”

2. “Turned our unused attic space into a walk-in closet.”

3. “Built custom stairs with plenty of storage for a tiny house!”

4. “I built my wife a walk-in wardrobe in 2 weeks.”

5. “Bathroom refresh”

6. “Before and after of my brother’s room as a surprise.”

7. “A little ragtag revamp of my cousin’s attic hideout!”

8. “I remodeled my sunroom into a laundry room.”

9. “After my wife passed away, I bought this house with my 2 boys and went for a total redo. It makes me feel good to give them a happy and cozy home.”

10. “Added a little color.”

11. “The before and after of our DIY kitchen makeover”

12. “Before and after of my front porch redo!”

13. “From moldy retro bathroom, to clean contemporary bathroom.”

14. “We built some ’under the stairs’ storage using IKEA units.”

15. “Some satisfying before and after pics of my cozy ’work from home’ office project.”

16. “This area above my door was empty. So I asked Redditors what to put and took all their advice. This is how it looks now.”

Do you have a recent home renovation project that you are proud of? Drop your before and after photos in our comment section so that others can find inspiration from them too.

Preview photo credit brambe / Reddit, brambe / Reddit
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