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23 People Who Went the Extra Mile to Jazz Up Their Bathroom

Most of the time, we consider the bathroom to be a space that should be merely useful for our biological needs. However, there are people who do not allow a few square meters to limit their creativity and build them not only to fulfill their function but also transform them into elegant places or decorate them with a specific theme that could surprise their users.

At Bright Side, we have compiled images that exemplify that this room, regardless of whether we use it for a short or long period of time, can generate an out-of-the-ordinary experience.

1. A toilet overflowing with colors

2. “My Twilight Zone themed bathroom”

3. “This grocery store called Jungle Jim’s has bathroom doors that look like porta-potties but are actually nice bathrooms.”

4. “This toilet at my grandma’s brother’s house”

5. “The restaurant I ate at has a bathtub for a sink in the bathroom”

6. “A bathroom in Belfast.”

7. “Toilets at a spot in Adelaide”

8. A bathroom in a courtyard with lots of vegetation

9. “This bathroom for dogs in Boston’s Logan International Airport”

10. “Rainforest Cafe + Roman ruin vibes in a Miami condo bathroom with a broken down vanity stone slab”

11. “Spotted an all-inclusive bathroom in a Japanese mall.”

12. “My client’s toilet art piece”

“It’s actually in the conference room of a plumbing company.” BenjiBonZ / Reddit

13. “Restaurant toilets force you to sanitize your hands on the way out.”

14. “This bathroom from the ’80s”

15. “These toilets at Ruskin Drive-In Theater”

16. “This coffeeshop bathroom has a floor made of pennies”

17. “Sign outside a restaurant bathroom”"

18. This toilet and shower inside a sarcophagus

19. “This restaurant bathroom disguises its extra TP rolls as part of a tic-tac-toe board.”

20. “This bathroom mirror in an auto shop has a tire as a frame.”

21. “The bathroom I’m using has toilet paper holders with built-in radios in each stall.”

22. “Truck stop bathroom that looks like it belongs in a fancy hotel”

23. “This bathroom has the same flooring as The Shining.

What’s the strangest bathroom you’ve ever found yourself in and what made it so unique and different? Tell us about your experience in the comments!

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