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27 Unsurpassed Photos Taken at Just the Right Moment

You don't have to be a professional photographer to take an incredible photo. Sometimes it's just a matter of chance: when we find both the right angle and capture the right moment.

Bright Side gathered 27 amazing moments that photographers managed to catch.

"I was taking a pic with King Kong when he hugged me."

"Took a photo at the exact moment my boyfriend was bitten by his squirrel friend."

When you're really surprised:

"My one friend "helping" my other friend use an ice luge to drink at a party..."

This pic makes us want to take headache medicine.

When you realize that your friend is possessed:

Perfect timing during an air show

The right angle turns cute creatures into scary ones.

"The moment before a world of hurt..."

Lightning storm over Lake Michigan

Frightening, but somehow beautiful

"I'm a great chef."

Sometimes victory hurts.

Painful game

This trained eagle taking down a drone:

"Looks like I have a spirit coming out of my mouth."

"The camera captured the exact moment when my friend lost his phone."

"The moment of impact!"

Graceful fall

Juggling talent is a must for parents.

When your friend is more photogenic:

Holding the sun

Just what the dog needs.

A photographer's and nature's collaborative work

"I was trying to take a cute picture when this happened."

The moment when you finally nail it:

Everyone's on their own.

Do you have any unique pictures taken at just the right moment? Share your masterpieces with us!

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