28 People Who Showed the World What Creative Photography Is

You can't surprise anyone with regular photographs today. Neither dangerous selfies nor extravagant clothes cause the awe and admiration that many of us dream about.

However, some people don't give up and don't take ordinary pictures. Bright Side found 28 original pictures whose authors did everything to surprise their audience.

Why go to a theme park when you have your own giant?

"Went to Milan in order to make this 'living' photo frame."

"The best selfie I've ever done."

Even moms can miss something in the morning.

In order not to get a commonplace picture with a famous sight, take a picture of a dog instead of yourself.

Forgot your beach umbrella? No problem!

I became Darth Vader's trusted man while I was shopping.

Even better than a Halloween costume!

"I am in my bubble!"

The most fashionable purse

Everyone would like to ride such a swing.

When you want to fit in:

"They told me I would never use a 3.5-meter selfie stick."

When you're ready to do anything for a cool picture:

All the planet in one picture

Tea balloons

"Seems like we have Dorothy here flying to us."

Connection of the generations in 4 pictures

If you're sick and tired of regular selfies, try to take them underwater.

Sometimes you can get a Photoshop effect by using regular sunglasses.

When you have no cook's hat nearby:

You'd better be careful with that chair!

When you've been waiting for the first snow for too long:

Sometimes it's better to relax and just watch the world. It's even better with a camera in your hands.

"Let me out!"

How to become a superhero without leaving home:

A different view on winter fishing

"My friends decided to take the coolest picture of their pregnancy."

Which tricks do you use to make your pictures look more impressive? Share your ideas and stories with us in the comments.

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