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A Photographer From Mozambique Shows People Who Do Not Know the Meaning of the Word “Sadness”

Bruno Pedro, a photographer and filmmaker from Portugal, had been traveling around Africa but fell in love with Mozambique. He made it his mission to show us what this country is all about — and it’s not just natural resources, animals, and landmarks — but it’s the way people live there. He proves this in his captured pictures which show the positive energy flowing from its people.

In an exclusive interview with Bright Side, Bruno commented that despite all that goes wrong, they (the people) always wear a smile and that’s what makes them special. He likes to walk around their communities, get to know them, and take photos. We want to show you some of his captured moments in this amazing country.

A baby boy taking a bath outside his house in Mocuba

An old woman selling mangoes on the side of the road

An octopus hunter smiling at Ibo Island

A Muslim mom with her baby

Quirambas women

3 little girls bonding on Mozambique Island

2 kids after a workday of searching for octopus

An egg seller in the Delgado province

A little boy in the Tete province

Kids playing soccer using a homemade ball

A woman applying a Mussiro to her face

An old man waiting for fishermen to arrive from the sea so he can buy fish

Caluto, a Mozambican traditional dance

A daughter of a fisherman

Little boys jump into the sea at sunset

A little girl eating an orange in the Tete province

A fisherman with the mast from his sailing vessel

Kids in Ilha de Mocambique using nets to catch fish

A kid taking a morning bath in a puddle

An octopus hunter with his gear

Sofia, an Octopus hunter since she was 13 y.o.

A kid on the beach at Vilankulos

You can see more of the beauty of Mozambique on his YouTube channel.

Would you love to visit Mozambique one day? What do you think about their people?

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