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A Photographer Invited Women Who Got Married Decades Ago to Put on Their Old Wedding Dresses

Leticia Valverdes found a way to take women down memory lane. To do so, she takes photos of them in their wedding dresses. And these photos are so full of precious memories —from laughs to tears. Despite everything that may have changed since their special day, the dresses remain unchanged. And it looks like this experience even made the wrinkles disappear from their smiling faces.

​​Bright Side invites you to meet the women and their dresses, and dive into their wedding memories.

Nadir Yoshimi Nakashima relives her special day from 1957.

Time has moved on since 1977, but her dress is the same.

This is Patricia Ferguson, married in June 1963.

Carol Mascarenhas’ dress still shines as brightly as on her wedding day in 1974.

After all these years, her dress seems to still fit her perfectly.

Her wedding outfit from 1981 remains spotless, despite the decades that have passed.

After years in her closet, her wedding dress is brought out into the light again.

An alternative wedding dress is always refreshing.

Remembering just how long ago her wedding day was.

Laura Sabato captures her wedding day from 1971.

You can still see the smile in her eyes from her wedding day.

These photos have never been displayed before. Leticia is looking for a space to exhibit them, as well as for other opportunities to show them to the world. If you like her work, you can find more on her website!

Do you have any surprising stories about your wedding dress, maybe it’s an heirloom? Please share your photos in your wedding dress.

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