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A Photographer Makes Magic Without a Studio and We Can’t Help but Admire Him

To take a really captivating photo, a photographer may need a cool camera, others would attempt to catch a nice spot, and some are more concentrated on the angle or lighting of their picture. For the Nigerian photographer Ibor Edosa Victor, however, a really cool photo is not about the surrounding, but rather about his vision and how he can take advantage of things around him.

Here at Bright Side, we were impressed by the ability of Ibor to show his 212k audience that one doesn’t always need perfect settings to take an impressive photo. The photographer happily shares behind the scenes of his photos, and his audience loves it!

The passion for photography came to the artist just out of the blue.

Ibor confessed that he started doing photography because he was bored, not because it initially was a passion. However, over time it simply became the job that took over him. Everything in life inspires him now to photograph — sad, and cheerful moments that come and go.

Choosing the scenery is often a very challenging task.

The work that Ibor does to capture the perfect photo is simply tremendous. He often shoots in environments that are not optimized for taking photos, such as those with bad lighting, and he gets creative with how he afterwards crafts his photos. The behind-the-scenes snaps are probably not the most glamorous, but it proves that you’d never guess the photographer’s staging if he didn’t share the photos.

The job is very complex but is also a highly rewarding one.

Capturing emotion is one of the main things that Ibor tries to do in his work. But, apart from catching the right feeling, he tries to add some magic to ordinary things, just to show that every scenery and every surrounding may thrive.

What is the photo that impressed you the most and you’d like to repeat if you were a photographer?

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Preview photo credit edos_artistry / Instagram
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