A Photographer Shows What Childhood Looks Like in Different Parts of the World

Massimo Bietti is an Italian photographer who travels around the world and captures moments of children’s lives. He has already visited kids in India, Russia, Norway, and many other countries. Some of them live in the most remote areas, and each picture gives us a glimpse of their lifestyles.

The simple yet thought-provoking essence of these images has impressed us at Bright Side, and we suggest you take a look at this impressive photo project.

1. Vanuatu

2. South Sudan

3. India

4. Ethiopia

5. Russia

6. Malaysia

7. Bangladesh

8. Sri Lanka

9. Myanmar

10. Norway

11. Cambodia

12. Nepal

13. Madagascar

14. Laos

15. Italy

16. Papua New Guinea

17. South Sudan

What defines childhood for you? Did any of these photos make you want to explore these countries?

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