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12 Kids That Easily Defeat Adults’ Logic

Oh, kids these days. They have such an amazing and unique sense of humor that they often surprise us and we can’t help but share what they do with other people.

We at Bright Side have learned a lot from our children but sometimes we have no idea how to react to the things they say or do. What would you do in these situations?

  • Instead of yelling at children that don’t behave, I tried to use the “I-message”. It went like this: “I was sad that I prepared for the lesson and I explained the material to you but I wasn’t heard.” But it only got worse. One of the girls started crying because I was sad. © rijsamurai / Twitter
  • I was babysitting my friend’s 10-year-old daughter. Some boy called her on the phone and she answered, rolling her eyes, “I’m busy and if you’re going to tell me that you love me again, I’ll say that I only love Kinder Surprise with princesses.” © sumaher_sonia / Twitter
  • A teenage boy texted me and asked if his mom could see me. I asked him if his mom knew about this appointment. He said, “No, but she didn’t ask me when she made an appointment with a dentist for me and I decided that she needs to see a therapist. It’s always been my dream.” © Verderz / Pikabu
  • This didn’t happen to me, but rather, a woman that I know. She has a 13-year-old daughter. She goes out of the bathroom and says, “Mom, my panties don’t match my bra.” The mom then said, “Well, you’re not going to show them to anyone.” The daughter replied, “Mom, you always wear matching underwear to work.” She didn’t know what to say back. © Ramone87 / Pikabu
  • I was a child. I was watching a cartoon with my cousin who was even younger than me. The cartoon was about a queen who was very attractive but evil. So I said, “Wow, she is beautiful.” My cousin said, “But she’s evil.” I asked her, “Which would you choose: to be beautiful but evil or ugly and kind?” She said, “Beautiful. I’ll fix my temper.” © Vivasvanta / Pikabu
  • I got assigned the task to draw my family when I was in kindergarten. A psychologist looked through the pictures and was worried when he saw my drawing. There were 4 people named “Me,” “Brother,” “Dad,” and “Aunt Marie.” My mom wasn’t in the picture. The kindergarten teacher started to think I lived in a dysfunctional family since I thought I had no mother. My parents were invited for a conversation and when they came back home, they asked me, “Dear, why didn’t you draw your mom?” And I said, “My mom is pretty and I can’t draw well.” Sorry, Aunt Marie... © nadnaminebo / Pikabu
  • My older son, when asked how old his mom was, said, “Mom is 20 + 2 tails” and points to himself and his brother." © Anytka Dzubenko / Facebook
  • My son was 5 years old. It was a Sunday morning and I was making breakfast in the kitchen. A really high tree was growing in our garden and there was a cat sitting on top. I don’t know how it got there. My son looked through the window, climbed on the windowsill, and yelled, “Cat! Climb back down! You’ll fall!” He did it several times. I told him to close the window because it was cold. He gets off the windowsill and says to himself, “He doesn’t reply. Probably deaf.” He’s 30 years old now and we still remember this story. © Nataliya Nikolyuk / Facebook
  • My little daughter and I were in a line in a bank. There was a video of the fraudsters that got a loan and didn’t pay it back. A man with a beard appears on the screen. My daughter points at the screen and says, “Mom, look! It’s Daddy!” © Elena Vasilishina / Facebook
  • When I was a child, I really loved reading while other kids were running around fighting and doing kid stuff. I just read old and interesting books. My parents thought I would become a professor or a writer and I just liked finding funny insults in books and using them in real life. © “Ward” № 6 / vk
  • My daughter is 6 years old and she goes to kindergarten. All the parents were invited to a meeting yesterday because the kids from her group organized a strike against the food. They drew some posters with a lot of typos, made up some cheers, and yelled the whole day. My husband and I had very serious faces during the meeting but we laughed so hard when we came home. She’s definitely our daughter. My husband ran away from kindergarten because of food when he was a kid and I spent 3 days hungry for the same reason. © “Ward” № 6 / vk
  • My daughter ate a lot of mac and cheese. She barely got to the couch breathing heavily. She said, “That’s it! No more food! Not ever!” The door opens and my husband comes in saying, “Who wants some ice cream?” She jumps off the couch and yells running, “I want the chocolate flavor!” © “Ward № 6” / vk

How have your children amazed you? Tell us your stories in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit Elena Vasilishina / facebook