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14 Parents That Raised Their Children Right and Now They Feel Proud

Even the most naughty children do things that can make their parents feel proud. It’s just a matter of being able to notice it. And we think that being proud of your children is a really healthy thing.

We at Bright Side always look at our children and think that they are the best. We understand the feelings of other parents and we wanted to share their stories with you.


My husband’s mom told my 4-year-old son he sounds like a girl. Before I could verbally slap her, my 6-year-old daughter jumps in and says, “No disrespect grandma but he sounds like himself, not a girl! He’s 4 and that was mean.” That’s my girl! © Unknown / Reddit


My daughter was 5. My husband was out of the country for a 1-year-contract... I fell down and hurt my knee and underwent surgery. There was a parent-teacher meeting that was supposed to happen at her school. Her class was on the second floor. She told her teacher to not send that circular to me, as I would insist on coming to the meeting, but it would be very painful for me. She even offered an alternative of writing the report as a letter which she would give to me. She had this amazing maturity to think through a situation and come up with a solution, instead of just complaining about the problem. © Visalakshi / Quora


My 3-year-old daughter doesn’t want to collect her toys. She says, “I don’t want to collect my toys because I’m as lazy as a dog.”

How do they do that? This is so spot-on! © Zhilibili / Pikabu


My wife and I are trying to raise a smart and strong son. One year ago, my wife got him a Spanish tutor and I got him into a taekwondo class. One day, he came back from school and said that there was a guy that tried to hit him all the time. I told him to fight back because he had the skills. And he said that he couldn’t because he was a good boy. Then, my son lost his patience and bit the guy. It wasn’t the right decision, of course, and I don’t think he learned that in the taekwondo class. But the guy’s mom complained about this to the teacher and when we told her that her son was attacking ours, she said it was okay because “they’re kids.” © Radrigosen / Pikabu


Yesterday, I was shocked to receive a phone call from the school telling me that my usually well-behaved, polite, and kind 13-year-old son had broken one of the school rules. The school imposed a couple of penalties, one of which was that my son was not allowed to attend the school camp, which started today. After a long talk with my son—who is always very honest—I was able to find out that his actions, although very foolish, were not what they initially appeared to be. He had acted without thinking, but wasn’t being malicious, and wasn’t aware that he was breaking a school rule. He left for school this morning with a big smile on his face, 2 sincere apology letters in his hand, and the desire to have a great week at school. While everyone else in 2-grade levels is going off to camp today, he will be spending the rest of the week at school studying. Although very disappointed, he has accepted his punishment as fair and is approaching it with a good attitude and a determination to do better. © J L Van Dijk / Quora


My son was in his high chair, he must have been about 2. His mother and I were play fighting (we are both medieval combat instructors) and suddenly he shouted: “Hey! Don’t hit my mommy. Okay, daddy?” Both my wife and I laughed and then I noticed that he was still staring at me. He repeated: “OKAY, DADDY?!!” I had to agree (and look serious doing it) to calm him down as he started trying to get out of his high chair. He could barely walk, and he was ready to go toe to toe with a 6’2″, 220 pound adult to protect his mother. I couldn’t have been more proud of him! © Steve Taylor / Quora


I have 3 children: 2 daughters and a son. Our son was born a year after our daughter and he never got enough attention: we were too tired. He worked hard in his studies. Got good grades. He became a lawyer.

He was always obsessed with history. Almost right from the beginning, when he moved to London, he applied to give a volunteer tour at the British Museum. Most people don’t even know he’s a successful lawyer. Some try to tip him with coins! I’m very proud of him. © Rukhsana Rasheed / Quora


2 years ago, I agreed with my son that if he scored well on his exams, I’d buy him the latest-model iPhone. He did, so the next day, I bought him the phone. But he asked me to return it to the store and instead we bought 2 cheaper phones. He kept one of them and gave the other one to a girl from his class.

It turned out that the girl had no parents and she was being raised by her grandmother. So, they didn’t have a lot of money and she had a very old phone with a broken screen. Also, their class was going camping and he paid for the girl because she always helped him with his studies. I was really moved by his kindness. © aleksey3x / Pikabu


My son had a pretty serious speech problem and he was in a special study program. It allowed him to use his study guide for tests and had other relaxed standards. Anyways, during the parent-teacher conference that semester, his teacher showed me his scores on the standardized tests and they were really good. She then told me that he didn’t use his advantages. He wanted to be graded like everyone else. I was very proud! © Mechelle Bennett / Quora


Earlier this year, my 2-year-old was at an Easter egg hunt at the zoo. It was just empty, plastic eggshells, but a lot of those toddlers were vicious. Anyways, my daughter kept picking up eggs and giving them to all the other kids the entire time. What a gal. © award07 / Reddit


A few months ago, we had a neighborhood yard sale and my son wanted to make some money to buy a bike. Granted, my wife and I could have simply bought him the bike, but we wanted to use this opportunity to teach him about work, money, and responsibility so we told him he would need to earn money to buy it. He got some old toys and stuffed animals together and put them out for sale, but also wanted to sell hot dogs and lemonade. We agreed and got him all set up and he ended up making $70 that day. He made enough to get his bike.

The next day, we happened to be walking around Sam’s Club and we saw this snow cone machine. He asked if we could get that instead of the bike, so he could start his own business and make more money. My wife and I talked it over and told him that we would cover the rest of the cost, if he would commit to taking an hour every Saturday during the summer to be outside selling snow cones, he agreed. We took it home and the next Saturday we were out front selling snow cones to the neighborhood. He started out with 3 flavors and a bag of ice.

After 2 months, the entire neighborhood knew about our son. Word got around and he even had a full fire truck of guys come out and show their support! They really appreciated the cold treat on that super-hot Saturday. He even goes to different events with his snow cones. And he has 21 flavors now! © FiveOverFive / Imgur


My 11-year-old son’s first attempt at metalsmithing. Under my instruction. He did 90% of the hammering. I just did the slight refining of shape. It wasn’t much work for me. Proud dad moment. © aiydee / Reddit


When our son was 4 years old, we bought him a “doctor box” toy. My son loved “treating” everyone. He looked all-important, took everyone’s temperature, and prescribed the treatment. One day, my wife and I had a very serious fight and we were yelling. The “doc” looked at us and said, “I know why you’re fighting. It’s your hearts.” He took his stethoscope and started examining us. My wife and I froze and even forgot why we were fighting. After the examination, the doc said, “Well, it’s clear. Dad, come and kiss mom. Mom, hug dad.”

We did what our doctor told us and started smiling. We felt embarrassed. How could a 4-year-old even do this?? © Radrigosen / Pikabu


My daughter and her husband used to run daily, and they often ran together. One morning, they cut through a different side street and passed a fenced yard with several dogs, each chained to a tree. They were exhausted. The house looked unoccupied. For a week, they fed the dogs and gave them water. A week later, their friend’s dog vanished out of their yard (a few miles away). They helped search, and then, they went to THAT back yard... They called the police when they saw their friend’s dog, chained to a tree. They saw a car with 2 men that walked into the yard, poured the dogs some water, took 2 dogs, and left. It turned out, as you probably suspect, the men were involved with dogfighting, and all the dogs in that yard were stolen, to be used as what I think they called “bait dogs.” © Louise Getts / Quora

What proud parent moments can you recall?