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15+ Kids Who Are Way Too Smart For Their Own Good

It looks like kids these days are all about coming up with creative answers for their homework and test questions. While this might influence their grade, parents and teachers probably don’t know how to react. So, maybe it’s better to just chuckle about it and give these kids some space to enjoy their cleverness.

We at Bright Side enjoy reading their answers, they show that kids today are “born smart” and now we are sharing our favorite ones with you.

1. Well... this kid is right on track.

2. This kid knows the truth...

3. He is going places...

4. Yes, that is an acceptable answer.

5. “I love grading 1st grade worksheets.”

6. “Potentially the best answer my daughter has ever given on a worksheet.”

It says: "Quit and get a job I’d enjoy!

7. My fourth grader’s math homework. She said, “This way I didn’t even need to think about it.”

8. “My girlfriend is a teacher, I love reading her kid’s exam answers.”

It says: Because the cow eats grass and the nutrition in the grass was still in the cow (it’s then mixed with horse).

9. “My kid’s homework answer...”

10. “One of my friends just sent me her kid’s homework. After the answer at the bottom, I realize this kid is going places.”

11. “My friend’s kid’s homework answer”

Answer number 2 says: “I grunted on the potty when I took a dump.”

12. This kid is doing good from a young age...

The full answer is: “The man fed the squirrel.” and the note “You should not hit squirrels.”

13. He probably watched Lion King instead of studying.

14. It’s surprising that he even knows the meaning of “freeloader.”

15. It could be right...

The answer is: “Because she is blind!”

16. This penguin saved him from doing homework.

The note on the right says: “This penguin has lost his home due to GLOBAL WARMING and he lives here now. I apologize but you will see the answers when global warming is resolved. Thank you for understanding.”

17. It’s better to draw than explain how.

18. When you are unsure, it’s better to improvise.

Which one made you chuckle the most? What would you do if your kid came home with answers like these? Has your kid done this before, or maybe you did when you were little?

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