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15+ Witty Parenting White Lies That Toddlers Actually Believed

Parents are not only responsible for their children, but they also make every moment count. Sometimes telling white lies to kids saves them some trouble or makes a joke about it. But it’s still all fun and games until the kids find out the truth.

  • My birthday is July 11th, so growing up every year my dad would take me to 7/11 for a “birthday Slurpee on him” and it would always count as one of my presents. I made it all the way to college before finding out about the free Slurpee day. © dont_tell_me_ / Reddit
  • Told my son, when he was around 6 or 7, that his real dad was an alligator, and when he grew up he would have to go live in a swamp. A few years later, we were having fun when he looked me dead in the eyes and said that he was going to miss me when he transformed into an alligator. He had harbored it for years. © Unknown author / Reddit
  • My parents used to tell me that the tooth fairy comes every night to check for teeth. If you lose one, she takes it and leaves you money but if you didn’t lose one she would check to see if you brushed your teeth, if you didn’t, she would pull them out. © Living_In_Mountains / Reddit
  • So I convinced my daughter that there’s a game called “Daddy Sleeps” where I pretend to sleep, and she runs around and “wakes me up” and she asks to play it all the time now and you guys it’s the greatest achievement of my life so far. © thomaslhorrocks / Twitter
  • Whenever we were driving, and there was a carnival on the side of the road, my parents would tell me that my shoes were untied. I would bend down and tie my shoes as we drove straight past the carnival. It was their go-to method to avoid having me see the carnival and crying for them to stop. © zoolak / Reddit

Which of these excuses do you use to trick your child? Tell us about times when you had to come up with a new excuse about something for your kid.

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