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17 Kids Who Made Us Smile Without Putting in Any Effort

Kids are, without a doubt, a constant source of amusement and laughter for us. Sometimes they misbehave or say things in ways that are beyond our understanding. But the fact that they all do these things unintentionally is what we adore most about these little beings. Let’s look at these kids to get your daily dose of laughter and sweetness today.

1. “First look at my baby girl...aaaand she’s judging me.”

2. “My daughter is now 10 weeks old, so I made a giant sandwich in her honor.”

3. “Here’s my daughter at 1 hour old. She is perfect. She is mine. I am hers.”


5. “My son venting his emotions this morning”

6. “Behold my son, Leopold, Prince of the Creek, Holder of the Stone, Pooper of Pants, Master of his Tiny Universe.”

7. “My baby cousin looks almost identical to a Cabbage Patch Kid.”

8. “My son and my wife making each other laugh — this is now my favorite photo of all time.”

9. “Met my friend’s kid for the first time.”

10. “My son turned 5 today. This is still my favorite photo.”

11. “After 2 daughters, it amazes me how different a little boy naturally behaves. Here he is forcing his way into helping his grandpa fix our dishwasher.”

12. “My wife took this picture just before the movie started. He has been excited for this all week.”

13. “I think this is the best picture I’ve ever taken.”

14. “My little guy just turned 4 months old, and he’s been making this pouty face since he was born.”

15. “They would all scream for food at once, so the best thing I came up with was to do 3 bottles simultaneously.”

16. “Baby 3 arrived home yesterday. I told son 2 to not get too close. This was his solution.”


How many kids do you have? Do you have photos with them? Share them in the comments!

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