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18 Examples That Prove the Parent-Child Bond Grows Stronger Over the Years

We may be adults now, with responsibilities even to our own family, but to our parents, we will always be their “babies.” And they show this every time they give us a special gift, call us on the phone, or when they simply bake our favorite cookies for us to take to work.

The bond between parents and children is made of love, and that’s what makes it so special. At Bright Side, we found several examples of this on the net. We want to share them with you so that your heart will be as touched as ours.

1. “Gave mom a blanket made from dad’s shirts. This is her first Xmas without him since he passed in Jan 2021.”

2. “Made a life-size Onix out of snow with my mom.”

3. “My mom got me Super Mario sheets for Christmas. I’m 22 and have been living in my own apartment for 4 years.”

“I looked confused and disappointed. She said ‘What? It’s not like anyone else is going to see your sheets,’ and now I don’t know if that was ignorance, an insult, or innocence...”

4. “Poor mommy... she thought she finally got the Jordans I’ve always wanted and she’s actually so proud of herself.”

“So I didn’t tell her, and I’m enjoying my new sneakers!! Thank u mom, love you❤️”

5. “My mom passed away 6 weeks ago and whenever I bake something my first reaction has always been to send a picture to her.”

6. “This is Benjamin. He wants to make board games, so his mom reached out to me, (a developer) to see if we could meet.”

“We had a great time talking games this morning over breakfast and he acted like he was meeting a celebrity. Thanks for making me feel like a big deal, Ben.”

7. “This weekend, my dad passed our family heirloom on to me.”

“This is a narwhal’s tusk that was given to my great-great-grandfather by Robert Perry, the man who discovered the North Pole.”

8. “These spuds made me smile so much today. My dad died in November and these are the last crop of veggies he helped me with before his death.”

“He would have been THRILLED to see that I actually managed to get a nice little crop.”

9. “2 years planning and making a ring from scratch. Found the gold and sapphire near the town she was born. Handmade with my dad.”

10. “My dad wrapped the yard tools he got me for Christmas.”

11. “Had the afternoon hanging out with my son while my wife was taking a nap, here’s a picture of him enjoying the little pillow fort I made him.”

12. “After being a stay-at-home dad for 6 years I, 35, started college alongside my son who just started kindergarten. We got this!”

13. “As a dad, giving my daughter the hairstyle that makes her feel like a queen always is a win in my book.”

14. “My mom threw me a surprise Minecraft birthday party. I’m 32 and didn’t think she knew or cared about my interests at all.”

15. “My mom snuck a baggie of homemade cookies into my purse this morning when I dropped my son off at her house before work.”

16. “Completed the LEGO Typewriter with my dad.”

17. “My dad got each of us a calendar with just pictures of him. July is my favorite one.”

18. “I jokingly asked my mom to knit a sweater for my cat. She took it seriously, and actually did it.”

What has been the most special and unforgettable thing your parents have done for you? What have you done for them?

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