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20 Babies That Just Arrived in This World but Already Look Like They Want to Retire

Babies always stir up an incredible number of emotions. But in this case, what they manage to bring out in many people is a surprise and, of course, a lot of tenderness. With their expressions, these little ones come out looking like grandparents who are ready to tell you the best stories about their youth or even look like they belong in the film, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

At Bright Side, we want to show you a compilation of babies who are living proof that anyone can look like a little old man, no matter how old they actually are.

1. “Looks like I’m excited for the buffet off the Vegas strip.”

2. “Only about 10 hours old and already sick of this”

3. “10 minutes out or a retired boxer?”

4. “He just pulled an all-nighter balancing his checkbook”

5. “Old man just got a bath.”

6. “I don’t approve of this, lady.”

7. “My baby boy or a middle-aged man?”

8. “Already tired of working the 9 to 5...”

9. “My 2-month-old channeling the Captain Picard face-palm”

10. “Paul was thrilled to hear he’s going to be a grandfather.”

11. “The longer I look, the more unsure I am if this is a baby or a grandma.”

12. “My boomer baby”

13. “Went through some baby photos. This is my brother.”

14. “A disappointed auntie”

15. “My now almost 6-year-old wanted us to get off his lawn at a week old.”

16. “2 weeks going on 30 years”

17. “Grandpa just tells the same stories over and over...”

18. “My nephew, just about ready for his retirement”

19. “Grumpster”

20. “My niece, explaining that back in her day, you didn’t go out for milk, the milk came to you.”

What did you look like as a baby? Do you know a little one who also looks like a cute old man? Share your photos or stories with us!

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