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20 People Who Never Have a Dull Moment With Their Families

Family time isn’t always about serious talks or boring chores. It can be unexpectedly fun. From pranks to funny mishaps, like your mother-in-law serving you a piece of cake with the word “die” on it or your dog imitating a character from The Lion King. It’s a great source of good memories, one that everyone should get to experience.

Now, Bright Side brings you photos that show just how fun some families can be. Prepare yourself for a crazy ride!

1. He asked his 7 year-old brother for a haircut, now he looks 47.

2. “She woke up from her nap looking like this.”

3. “Made masks of my sister’s fiancé’s face for her bachelorette party. This is what she walked into.”

4. “My niece thought my mom needed this sticker while she was sleeping...”

5. “My mom said this was one of my favorite things to do as a child.”

6. “While I was out of town, my sister sent me an update on our dog.”

7. “My sister gave me the most thoughtful gift of all...”

8. “My son was shocked when he saw me with a wig.”

9. “How I returned my sister’s computer after fixing it.”

10. “My 23 year-old brother decided to shave his hair and beard so that he could look like an old man...”

11. “This is what true love looks like. My mom taking a picture of my dad acting like he’s stuck in the dryer.”

12. “I asked my mom for a cool bookmark and this is what she gave me. (Yes, that is my mother.)”

13. “My son’s hide-and-go-seek spot”

14. “My mom made me a sandwich for work but my brother got to the note before me.”

15. “My parents just sent this to me. I think it’s my dad’s handiwork.”

16. “When a family argument gets out of hand...”

17. “My dad thought he was home alone. I had to see why he was laughing so hard...”

18. “I bet we can beat you at hide and seek Uncle David!”

19. “My mother-in-law just served me this piece of cake.”

20. “I posted this pic of myself on Facebook. This is the reply from my cousin.”

What’s the funniest thing someone from your family has done? Do you enjoy pulling any sort of fun pranks? Tell your best stories and share your funniest photos, all in the comments!

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