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20 Situations That Only the Parents of Twins Can Sympathize With

Over the past few decades, the world has seen a boom in twin births. In France in 1975, there were 9.3 births of twins per 1000 births, and in 2011, it was already 17.4. In Denmark, this ratio increased from 9.6 to 21.2. This is associated with the emergence of the IVF procedure, and with the fact that the average age of a woman giving birth is increasing. One way or another, many of us are likely to become parents of twins, or even triplets.

We’ll let you in on a little secret — there are parents of twins even in the Bright Side editorial team. And the life of these guys is very fun, just like everyone else who was lucky enough to give birth to twins.

  • We have twin children — a boy and a girl, they are 3.5 years old now. We fulfilled our childhood dreams at the expense of our children — my husband has a whole garage of various small cars, and I have a dollhouse and a full set of furniture for the dolls, including a bathroom with a toilet, a living room, a bedroom, etc. And we sit together and play at night, while our kids are sleeping. © “Overheard” /

  • Did you know that when both of the twins are screaming, they very quickly and very often start to do it in unison? The sound turns out to be so interesting — it’s rich, deep, and powerful, like it’s coming from one huge baby. A sound that, in less than a minute, makes you hide in horror in the nearest corner, no matter how big. © 1General1 / Pikabu

  • I am often asked if it’s more difficult to deal with twins than with one child. I used to answer that I have nothing to compare it with, but not very long ago, my mother took one of my daughters to spend the night together at her place. Guys, with one child, it’s not easier, it’s just a FREE RIDE! For the first time in 2 years, I had so much time that I was just confused.

  • When I was pregnant with twins, I went to the hospital for another medical check-up. My doctor got sick, so I had to go to some strange lady. She was examining my belly ​​for a long time and then said:

    — Everything is fine, the child is ok.
    I asked:
    — And what about the second one?
    At first, she hatched her eyes, and her answer still slays me,
    — Ah, I noticed that there were too many spare parts! alex1977 / Pikabu
  • I’m a father of twins. When they were born, they were lying in their little cribs with their name tags above their heads. Someone opened the door too fast, and the breeze knocked both tags to the ground. I picked them up but couldn’t remember which was which. Then I took them and put the tags back on at random. No one should know about this. Especially not their mother. © Mission_Huckleberry / Reddit
  • My twins are already 4 years old. When we fed them with a bottle, one at a time, holding them in our hands, the feeding would take from 45 minutes to an hour. Being half asleep, I fed one kid, put him down, grabbed another bottle, and forgot which kid I had already fed. I’m pretty sure one kid got fed twice a couple of times, while the other stayed hungry. © Peko1One / Reddit
  • I’m a mom of identical twin girls. They’re 12 years old now, so it’s pretty easy to tell who’s who just by their mannerisms, posture, and the way they speak. Side note: It’s important to remember there’s always an evil twin, so just look for the sign of the devil. Kidding. But one of my girls did keep a dead caterpillar as a pet for 6 months when she was 3 years old. She kept him in a small jewelry box. What was his name? Dead Caterpillar. © ksanzi / Reddit

  • I recently became the father of 2 princesses at once. Once, I was walking with a double stroller in a small park near our house on autopilot because of another sleepless night of trying to put the babies to sleep. In the area around this park, there are a lot of health centers for elderly people, and the alley, our favorite place for walking, is located right among these buildings. My daughters had already fallen asleep, and I was slowly walking with only one thought in my head, “If only the children would sleep for at least 3 more minutes!” Then I noticed that 3 old ladies were walking toward me. When they got closer to my stroller, 2 out of 3 old ladies got possessed by the devil, and they started yelling about how lucky I was, what a happy father I was, and other stuff like that. My children started to move in their sleep and I had already started to hate these ladies, but the situation was fixed by the third lady. She said one simple phrase, “Shhh, come on! If you had this happiness, you wouldn’t be in the hospital, but would have to be at home helping with the children.” I am grateful to you, you smart adult woman, it is because of you that my daughters slept that day. © Ququmber63 / Pikabu
  • When I gave birth to my first daughter, they put her on my chest, and I, smiling blissfully, began to examine her. When her twin (my second daughter) was born, my expression slightly startled the midwife. After I mumbled, “I don’t understand,” the doctor became visibly nervous and asked, “Is there something wrong?” “Everything is alright,” — I said. I just didn’t think that they could be SO different."
  • My twins are 2 years old, and they have completely different faces, different eye colors, and a different tone of voice. One of them has straight hair, and the other one has curly hair. And yet, I often hear the question on the playground, “How do you tell them apart?”
  • When I was getting ready to take my twins home from the hospital, the nurse started to cut off their bracelets. I quickly stopped her, saying, “No! I won’t know who’s who if you do that!” She said I was the first mom to ever admit that. © mrsthairyan / Reddit

  • One of my twins is 3″ taller than the other one and they have different hair and eye colors. So when someone asks me if they’re identical, I always say “yes.” © FatherWithTwins / Twitter
  • My twins are a boy and a girl, so that made it pretty easy to tell them apart. Also, they look nothing alike. But my wife and I loved to have fun dressing the boy in pink and the girl in blue when our relatives were visiting us and then we’d ask them to change a diaper. © Unknown author / Reddit

  • We refuse to tell anyone who was born first because we don’t want anyone, including our twins, to make any assumptions about them based on their age. For example, this one is older so she’s the leader. Not even their grandparents know. © yoc**137 / Reddit

  • I have 15-year-old identical twin girls, and the only weird incident that ever happened with them was when they were in middle school (but they were in different classes). They were asked to draw a picture for an art class of something to do with winter. They did almost the exact same picture — a snowman, kids sliding, and a house. They drew the same amount of clouds in the sky, with one bird, and a bright sun. Fluttergurl / Reddit

  • My husband is Portuguese. When I was pregnant, as soon as we found out that we were expecting twins, disputes about their names immediately began. In the end, we came to a compromise — I give one baby a Russian name, and the other name would be Portuguese. And now, Azeiteiro and Vanyushka are growing up with us. © “Overheard” /
  • A lady that I know has triplet grandsons. Their mom did mix them up and took them back to the hospital to have them identified by their footprints that were taken shortly after birth. After that, their toenails were painted to make sure she knew which was which. © Robbie_the_Brave / Reddit

  • I am married, and I love my wife very much. But yesterday, I turned off my phone and spent the night at a hotel. And it all was because of the fact that we had twins 3 months ago, and I just wanted to SLEEP... But my wife figured my plan out, so today, she’s spending the night at the hotel. © “Overheard” /

Maybe you, too, were lucky enough to become parents of twins, or even triplets? Or maybe some of your friends got this lucky? Tell us about this experience.

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