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22 Kids Who Must Be Benjamin Button’s Siblings

Everything about babies is beautiful, their skin, their wide-eyed looks, and nothing can be compared to that new baby smell. While they are adorable in all aspects, we can’t help but notice that even the cutest babies look a lot like old people.

So, Bright Side brought together the best of Benjamin Button-esque toddlers, who would love it if you called them “Sir.”

1. Oh my!

2. Baby Mandrake in a Gryffindor costume.

3. 15 minutes old and already disappointed.

4. Looks like he’s about to complain about the late breakfast.

5. Nope, not amused. At all.

6. Maybe he’s laughing at his own dad joke.

7. The “Are they using my driveway to turn around?” look.

8. Baby Gandalf

9. He is not happy to be welcomed into his new home.

10. Hairline is everything.

11. Another grumpy old baby, who looks like she doesn’t want anyone walking on her lawn.

12. That’s the face you make when you crack a good ol’ dad joke.

13. Baby Daddy, out to steal your girl in no time

14. This 80-year-old one-day-old boy

15. His eyes are full of the wisdom and kindness of the elderly.

16. That hairline makes an appearance again.

17. When you have to bake some cookies, but have nap time at 3:

18. Baby Stanley from The Office

19. Baby Soprano in the making

20. The baby is making you an offer you cannot refuse.

21. Baby Jay from Modern Family

22. All he needs is a pair of glasses and to tie his house to balloons so he can fly to Paradise Falls.

Did you look like a grumpy old baby in your childhood or did your child look like one? Share your adorable photos with us in the comments below.