25 Children Who Inherited Something Really Special From Their Parents

Children and their parents usually look alike. But it sometimes happens that people inherit special features and peculiarities.

Bright Side put together amazing photographic examples proving that these parents and children don’t need to take a DNA test.

25. Family of Rapunzels

24. Small copy

23. This father and daughter both have vitiligo, a rare skin disease.

22. Identical tastes of 2 generations

21. Habits can also be inherited.

20. As can behavior!

19. Just look at the beautiful eye color that runs in this family.

18. “Photos of my father and me at the same age with a 20-year difference”

17. A father and his daughter at the same age

16. They both have amazing blue eyes.

15. It seems they are both waiting for a miracle.

14. “My father and I at the same age”

13. Family business

12. Now we know from whom he inherited his love for sports.

11. “My brother-in-law got a thumb from each parent.”

10. They even choose the same pose.

9. They are related for sure!

8. “My father and I at the same age”

7. Diverse face gestures of a father and his son

6. This mother and her daughter both have a very unusual hair color.

5. True men’s chill-out time

4. The resemblance is accurate.

3. “My dad’s index tip was cut off when he was 10; my index is shorter than my pinky.”

2. The dynasty loves to sleep.

1. A mother and her daughter both have a rare anomaly: eyes of different colors.

Bonus: Small children can do things that are not in the power of some adults.

Do you have any peculiarities that you inherited from your parents? Or maybe your children inherited one from you? Share your photos in the comments below.

Preview photo credit poopjetpack/reddit
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