6 Reasons Why Loving Dads Are More Likely to Raise Intelligent Kids

Fathers, especially loving ones, can greatly contribute to a kid’s overall happiness. It’s so much fun to roughhouse with a dad, laugh loudly, and hear mom shouting from another room, “Be careful, don’t break anything!” Believe it or not, such a carefree thing can actually make kids intelligent and the list doesn’t end there.

Bright Side is here to show how beneficial and indispensable fatherly love is.

1. Children of caring fathers have higher IQ.

According to a study carried out by Erin Pougnet at Concordia University, fathers make a substantial contribution to children’s cognitive and behavioral functioning. Both girls and boys showed higher IQ performance and fewer internalized problems. What’s more, girls who had caring fathers showed fewer emotional and behavioral disorders in pre-adolescence.

2. Their daughters are smarter and more assertive.

Fathers also play an important part in a young woman’s academic path. Loving fathers help girls get better-paid jobs and even get promoted. According to a study, girls under the care of encouraging fathers occupy jobs that are generally taken by men. Besides, lots of professional female athletes give credit to their fathers for supporting them throughout their journey and developing their stamina.

3. Boys stay away from gangs.

Fathers have a considerable impact on a kid’s identity development and social relationships. Children from fatherless families are 3 times more likely to become criminals by the time they reach 30. It’s also stated that the majority of gang members come from fatherless families.

4. Their children are less likely to develop addictions.

Although mothers do more childcare than fathers, somehow both boys and girls are at a higher risk of developing substance addictions and are more likely to develop advanced states of inebriation, especially boys. It’s estimated that the majority of patients suffering from substance abuse come from fatherless homes.

5. They have higher emotional intelligence.

That messy roughhousing between children and fathers is actually beneficial. Drs. Anthony T. DeBenedet and Lawrence J. Cohen believe it boosts kids’ confidence significantly. Lots of shrieks, laughter, and squeals also increase children’s emotional intelligence. By having lots of fun with their dads, kids learn to empathize and control their emotions better.

6. Their kids have higher self-esteem.

Confident fathers who provide direct care to their children improve the overall well-being of kids. Those children who have a warm relationship with their fathers usually become confident adults. In this case, fathers play the role of a friend who guides his little kids in the right direction and helps them out if needed.

Do you believe dads are just as important as moms? Is your father affectionate?

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