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2 Mths after my almost daughter in law gave birth she walked out on both my son and her child. She stepped back in when she was 5 yrs old. My son trying to be fair even after that time allowed her access. l have helped him to raise my Granddaughter. The Mother has screwed my son over seven ways from Sunday, emotionally, financially and psychologically. We don't want money, simply to be with my Granddaughter growing up.
Most people are blown away when they hear my sons story,
l raised him as l was a single parent & now he is my carer as well as being a single parent to my Granddaughter.

Yes there are men who go through the pregnancy with their partners and Yes there are a huge number of single dads out there, l get astounded listening to their stories.

Also single dads also do it hard, sometimes harder than some women, you see it doesn't matter what's between your legs that makes you a better parent, it's what's in your heart. 👍🌹😁💜