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Gay Couple Adopted ’Health Risk’ Baby and Four Years Later, They Are Already Riding Up a Mountain Together

“This little girl needed parents who’d love her no matter what.” Richard Kocher and Brian Roth shared their story with the press. These 2 dads talked about the strong emotional bond they have built with baby M, even though she had health issues.

So, here is another heartwarming tale from Bright Side, where parents went against all the odds and adopted a tiny 5-pound baby girl.

A dream come true

It was December 31st, 2014, and Richard Kocher and Brian Roth were having dinner at a small sushi restaurant and not knowing that they would receive a call that would change their lives. Well, this call was more like a dream becoming reality. They were finally selected as adoptive parents for a newborn baby girl!

Wondering if they have what it takes

Soon after receiving the big news, the couple were shocked by more news. But this time it was not so joyous. The baby had a high probability of being born with serious health issues.

The couple was faced with hundreds of questions and doubts. They wondered if they would be able to take care of a child like this, and if having this child would fulfil their original dreams of parenthood or not.

24 hours to make a life-changing decision

Richard and Brian were only given 24 hours to decide whether they would undertake the adoption or not. The couple was really overwhelmed, and they were already on a vacation in Canada. So, they decided to take a break and enjoy what they really came to Canada for — which was to ski.

Making up their mind

Between the exhilaration and hazards of negotiating difficult terrain, they finally chose to take the child. They realized that this little girl was going to need parents who would love her. Also, if they were birth parents and anything was wrong with their newborn, they would never leave her.

Meeting Baby M

In less than 2 weeks, a tiny 5 pounds little girl was given to them. They brought her home with a bit of fear but a lot of excitement and readiness for any challenge that might appear on the way.

Baby M is safe and sound

Baby M presented a complete health record during her doctor’s visits. She was a small but curious and fearless girl. The loving dads were sure that she would grow up to be a strong girl, both physically and intellectually. One day, they hoped they could take her with them to Canada, where they would ski together in the exact place they decided to have her.

Stand by your child no matter what

This is not the first time that 2 dads adopted a child, showing that there are no rules for family and love. This same-sex couple have shown a true example of parenthood and that gender doesn’t matter in parenting. They accepted their child the way she was and stood by her side no matter what. This should be a lesson for all the parents out there.

Have you heard some other stories about superheroes disguised as parents? Let us know in the comment section below.

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